Past Life Regressions – First Considerations

Before embarking, you might want to keep a few things in mind. The first impression you will most likely receive is one of intense emotion and often that is the last moments which can be uncomfortable on multiple levels.

Second, remember you might see those you currently have in your life in a different way and it might affect your current relationships. For example, if your husband was your father in a past life, it might be difficult to resume seeing him as your husband only afterwards. So be prepared for that. If you cannot handle it, don’t do it.

Third, decide if you want general knowlege about who and what you were or if you are seeking to reawaken a past life. I would recommend sticking with general knowledge. When a reawakening occurs, you are not only dealing with issues from this life, but you will also be dealing with issues from the past life as well. If you do not have your present life in hand, then this could be far more detrimental than beneficial.

We are taught to master our present life first and that includes dealing with issues and learning control. Once we master our present, then and only then do we seek to master the past. And then and only then, are we able to master our future. To bypass a true understanding of your present can cause serious issues


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