Elders and Such

The Role of an Elder

This is a response I made to a forum post and I thought I would share it in my blog:

You are quite right. I find that I am far more of a guide than anything else. Most seekers receive quite a bit of symbolism and have a natural affinity for things of a spiritual nature. Just as someone needs to be taught that the color in the sky is commonly called “blue” so that in the future, when they see that color, they have a reference point.

Everyone perceives the spiritual realm in their own individualized manner. For example, when I am with a seeker and they say that they feel cold and sense green, I can extend my “experience and past training” knowing that what I am sensing (perhaps by smell or some other method) that they are relating to an elemental being, for example. Once they have identified their sensation/reaction to that type of elemental being, then from that point forward, they are then able to hone their attunement of their personal response and have a reference point when they have another similar experience.

This is why effective training often takes years for someone to have another guide them to recognizing their own innate responses to various encounters or stimuli. Then, in turn, they can help identify another person’s perceptions by using their “acquired understanding through experience and guidance.”

It is the job of an elder not to have a seeker believe what the elder believes, but to effectuate, stimulate, and expand the thinking capacity in the seeker to assist the seeker in finding the universal truths for him or herself.


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