Serving in Her Garden

Serving in Her Garden

I have always taught that everyone travels their own path even if they are with a group. The benefits of being in a group, pack or coven is that there are others who may specialize in areas which are not your area of strength and so that you can offer your area of strength to facilitate their growth in their areas of weakness with the ultimate goal that no one has a weakness. The group setting is supposed to be fertile ground for each member to grow in.

There is no point where anyone should stop growing for long periods even for elders. If the ground is no longer fertile for elders, then, as farmers do, we will add new crops or rotate crops for the fertility of the ground so that all the crops are abundant.

But occasionally, weeds and kudzu do get into your gardens. It is the way of things. And those weeds and kudzu must be weeded and removed to maintain the harmony and balance of the fertility of the land.

For those unfamiliar with kudzu, it is an oriental vine that was introduced by the government because it provided quick ground cover to prevent soil erosion as a result of infrastructure construction and foresting issues. However, the problem with kudzu is that there is no end to the demands that it makes. It grows insidiously and attempts to take over everything. It grows up trees and buries them from the sunlight and absorbs the nutrients the native plants need to thrive. It slowly suffocates every thing that it can get a grasp upon. So what appeared to be a wonderful addition to the garden ended up almost destroying everything and tries its best to prevent other plants from fulfilling their purpose and service.

People have tried to handle kudzu nicely by trimming it and training it, but it grows so fast and is determined to consume everything in its path that in time, you learn that there is no polite, patient, or kind way of dealing with it no matter how hard you try. You can not change its nature with “white light” and you cannot “heal” its natural instinct and you can not “train” it to be other than what it is. Kudzu.

Thus, the government instilled serious eradication programs including burning and poisoning. Individuals are spending tremendous amounts of time, not producing additional harvests, but battling the kudzu to prevent it from consuming their regular harvest. They struggle to maintain a balance so that they and their land can survive.

Kudzu is also a plant of the Goddess, but it not the ONLY plant and not one suitable for a garden of bountiful harvest. Some things are sent to us to challenge us and to help us grow. Some things are meant by nature for us to battle and fight against so that we can stand by our beliefs and our faith and become stronger and closer to Her.

I stand for my faith and I travel Her path. I serve as Her servant where and how She determines that I should. It is not always easy, but then again She never said it would be.


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