Solitary or Coven?

Solitary or Coven?

Those that are in the Craft and follow the path have to the follow the path that they are guided on. Since there has been such a large burst in the “Wiccan & Neo Pagan” movement in the last ten years or so, it has definitely outgrown and surpassed the number of available, qualified (I don’t mean necessarily coven-trained), and spiritually motivated elders to teach more than a small handful of these great numbers of seekers.

I had one student ask me if it wasn’t my spiritual duty to take in and train every person that asked. I had to explain that it was better for me to properly train 5 others to elder status so that they could teach others. Than to have 90 people get a sip or a glimpse.

I am often inspired by the akashic records (psychic library) and by my spiritual guides these days. I was on the younger side of my groups and most of my elders are on sabbatical or have passed to the Summerland. (Actually, it’s funny that a few of my old friends still consider me a pup after all this time, as well.)

So, can someone be self-taught? Yes, but it is extremely difficult. Every person in the Craft has some type of natural talent. A natural strong and fully functioning talent of empath and spirit work is rare. I find it takes about three years to fully train a spirit worker. You also have to master the ability to access the akashic records to obtain information and direction. This is most often done in dreamwork so it takes a natural ability to be a dream worker as well.

That is where a coven provides the ability to move faster on the Path than study alone. (Note I did not say the only way). But you have a group of bonded, like-minded people that share their strengths and abilities with each other. My goal has never been to hive off covens as much as possible to get buckles, but to inspire covens to become long-term family members that are available to assist each other in training and in having a check-balance for life’s issues and to assist its members from getting lost on sidetracks or getting stuck in “whirlpools” on the path. The sidetracks and whirlpools serve a purpose to protect the untrained and those who are not ready from progressing further. They are tricky but they can be manuvered.

But you don’t get that overnight or by “poof” I am in a coven. It takes everyone moving in a direction for the betterment of everyone.

Covens should be fertile ground for each member to thrive in and grow. If a coven is based on dominance or arrogance or ego-based directives or even sexually-based directives, then you would probably do better studying alone and pray for the higher beings to bring you into the path of a true elder for training.

Can the Path be travelled by book learning alone? No. You cannot confidently and competently fly an airplane after having only read a book. It takes training whether by being trained by an elder or by a strong relationship with your spirit guides. You have to get your feet wet. You might get bitten and you might soar through exercises and experiments, but knowledge alone is not what we are seeking and is only one side of the training triangle of Knowledge, Experience, and Faith.


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