Ramblings on an Elder Wytch

What I particularly find annoying is others trying to force their perception of who and what I am on me and trying to make me conform to their perception to “prove” worthiness. I don’t ask or expect anyone to accept, follow or agree with everything I say. In fact, it’s creepy when someone does that.

Honestly, I already know who and what I am and where I am going. If someone else doesn’t know for themselves, I think better time would be spent on finding those answers for themselves rather than getting off track by focusing on every little thing a teacher/elder does. I don’t live my life by trying to qualify my worthiness. That is just another pitfall and trap that teachers and elders often get stuck in by others trying to pull them off their path. Not always, but sometimes you will find that others are attempting to strive ahead, not by working on themselves, but by “lowering the bar” to a level of mediocrity so that they won’t have so far to travel. This does not serve any of us in the long run.

The Path is not about memorizing every little thing and it’s not about conforming to every little thought. Any worthwhile Path (in my opinion) should be about expanding your capacity for thought, logic, spiritual connection, and expansion of your inner self. If we wanted to be mainstream and sheep, then there are much easier places for that instead of trying to mainstream and conform what is meant to be maverick and different and off the beaten track.

A good teacher or elder is a guide to paths of expansion and not every teacher is for everyone. I have a motto, “You can find enlightenment in a pile of shit IF you truly are seeking enlightenment.” If someone is not for you, walk away. If you truly are seeking enlightenment, the guides (mortal and spiritual) you are supposed to have will come to you. Not saying all teachers are wonderful or properly motivated, mind you, but just want to point out that sometimes it is the perception of the Seeker that causes the problem. I have had some crappy elders and teachers in my time, but I have learned something from each and everyone of them especially the crappy ones.

YOUR journey on the Path is YOUR journey, not mine. You are responsible for it. You alone.

Sometimes, finding out what you want and who you are involves a journey of finding out what you don’t want and who you don’t want to become, eh?

Elders and teachers should never be considered the ultimate defining sources of anything and the misplaced perception that they should be is a great stumbling block to a lot of seekers. They get lost in looking for ANSWERS rather than PATHS to finding their own answers.

That’s one of the really wonderful parts about most traditions. After you are done with your studies, you are more than welcome (and often encouraged) to go out, start your own group, and do it your way. You can finally eat dessert before dinner if you want to. But you might just find out that others are trying to convince you that it is inappropriate for you to do that! LOL!

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