Part of a Discussion on Arthurian Mysteries

The point was presented that someone felt sorry that Morgaine and Arthur were truly pawns and tricked so much.

My response:

Lol! Don’t feel so sorry. The Arthurian tales are a moderization of druidic tales that were “christianized” so that certain mystery pathways would not be lost. It is important when dealing with the Arthurian legends that, although there are representations of different aspects, all the aspect are of the One Great Goddess and the Divine Feminine.

Do we not sometimes allow ourselves to be tricked in order to put our spirits into situations so that we must be able to expand and grow?

Also, in pre-Christian societies, many civilizations had brother-sister marriages, such as the Egyptians. (Before anyone says anything, I go with modern mores on this one say ewwww, but it doesn’t change what occurred in history.) First cousin marriages were very, very common as well to ensure that bonds of certain tribes remained strong and to keep certain properties communal amongst the tribes. I think this is also the basis of the more lax approach to sexuality amongst the Celtics in their beliefs that for strong women to sleep with worthy males not of their tribe, strengthens their tribe (we now call it beefing up the gene pool in the face of inner marrying). First son for your husband, after that then only worthy males to strengthen the tribe or to strengthen the bonds between tribes. Women were very critical in this regard of maintaining some degree of harmony amongst so many warring tribes.

It also gave strong males mated with infertile females the opportunity to have sons as well and the fostering system was very strong in Celtic society as well. I have a feeling (although no historical backing) that some of the fostering was the woman saying, “Here take your teenage pain in the ass son and do something with him because I am gonna beat him stupid before he ever hits the battlefield.” lol!

– Mead Muse, January 22, 2009 (reposted from another blog)

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