Sexuality ~ The Nature of the Sacred Dance

Sexuality ~ The Nature of the Sacred Dance
a/k/a This is a Fertility Religion, you know.

In our religion, the Stag King is venerated as symbolic of fertility and the Sacred Dance. So, it is logical that we a look at the mating habits of the Stag King as a beginning reference point. For our purposes, we are going to look at the Red Deer of Europe, although you may wish to look into other breeds on your own.

Only the stags have antlers that start growing in spring and are dropped usually at the end of winter. The antlers are based on testosterone levels. During the Autumn months, the rutting (or mating) season begins and usually runs from August into the early winter. During this time, the European Red Stags have a distinctive roar (belling) to attract females, to keep his harem of females together, and challenge other competitor stags. The females are initially attracted to males that have the loudest and most often roar.

Attracting the female is one thing. His ability to get her to accept him and to keep her is quite another. There are, of course, other Stags very much interested in a fertile female. The Stag will often posture, compete in antler fights, and other displays in order to establish and maintain dominance. Rival stags challenge opponents by belling and walking in parallel. This allows combatants to assess each other’s antlers, body size and fighting prowess. If neither stag backs down a clash of antlers can occur sometimes serious injuries occur.

It is this process that represents the Sacred Dance in our religion. It is the ability of a male to not only attract, but to be able to maintain the attraction of his female.

It is in the Sacred Dance that we (both male and female) find inspiration and motivation. Men become (hopefully friendly) competitive and strive to be more than what they are on a daily basis and Women are empowered by their passions and become more than their daily selves. It’s the one point where everyone has the ability to be magickal. The use and direction of that magick (other than towards obtaining the immediate desired person); then definitely kicks it into the realm of the Craft.

It is a misnomer to assume that the final sexual act is the purpose of the Sacred Dance. It is a conclusion, but we all maintain the ability to not pursue any final acts if we choose; however, we do ourselves a disservice to not avail ourselves of the expansive magickal energy process of being involved in the Sacred Dance to spiritually evolve and transmute ourselves. Sort of like catching a wave on a surf board. Not everyone reaches the shore, but most enjoy the ride and are invigorated and inspired by it.

In the Arthurian legends, the courting and mating of Igraine is the first act of magic resulting in a creation that made Merlin go into retreat to recover from his great work of transmuting Uther into the semblance of Gorlois for his mating with Igraine. He came back long enough to have Arthur fostered away from Court and returned to sabbatical when Arthur attained age so that Merlin could recover.

Also, remember in most interpretations of the Arthurian myths, Igraine was foretold of Uther’s coming and passion for him. She was also believed to be of Avalonic descent and, thus, quite probably trained in the old ways. I don’t hold so much that she was an innocent bystander or prize as much as I believe she was most definitely a participant and a prime mover in the situation. So while the flurry of males (or Stags) may appear to be center stage, the final selection is made by the attraction of the female. This is part of the female mysteries that we inspire the male to get up out of the chair and to strive to become more than what they would be alone.

However, it must be remembered that if Uther did not have the ability and capacity to be the dominant King Stag, then another would have been chosen. The abilities and talents required to be one of the dominant King Stags and to not only attract, but maintain the attention of females and to protect them as well as maintain the respect of other males are exceptional. This is part of the male mysteries.

I want to leave this one thought. By attempting to alter, ignore, or deemphasize the importance of the Sacred Dance in our religion as well as in life, we not only do disservice to ourselves, but we remove the necessary environment for others (in our religion and in our lives) to participate in this process of enlightenment.

– Mead Muse, January 21, 2009 (repost from another blog of mine)

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