The Thing About Seers

I have also been very contemplative lately. I got another comment that someone wished they had the same abilities as me. Sigh. No they don’t. Really, they don’t.

It is very difficult in terms of societal and personal relationships. At first, they think it’s neat you know stuff about other people, but then they realize the common fear that you might “know” things about about THEM. When someone realizes you have some kind of abilities, you have a pretty good chance of them looking at you almost as if you are an invasion of privacy. Sometimes, they avoid you because they don’t want “anyone” to know something about them.

And, even if you let them know you know things, you have to tell them you don’t know as much as you do or they start becoming obsessed with how much you know and what you can see. Not just once or twice, but they will ask over and over and over and over and over. Or even worse, they try to turn control of their lives over to you instead of living and experiencing their own life. Truthfully, I’ll point out something if it is critical or if it is something which can be altered. But, even if I might know you will eat oatmeal tomorrow, I don’t care. Nope. Checking the Care-O’-Meter and nothing is registering. Just don’t care, don’t want to care, and don’t want to waste time on it either.

Truth is that, yes, I know different things about people and I rarely even speak to the other person about it. Most of them don’t want to hear it anyway because they get so lost in themselves and their adamant perception of “completely autonomous individuality” that they only want to believe that they are the ONLY ones that have ever felt a certain way.

But the truth is that almost everyone has the same or similar emotions or thoughts at one time or another as other people even when they are trying to portray otherwise in the mundane world. The biggest difference that Seers have from Non-Seer people is that oftentimes they have usually the lost the ability to even pretend that most of their emotions are “uniquely individual”.

Here is an analogy for those who are spiritually oriented. Have you ever wondered if spirits watch you when you pick your nose or go to the bathroom? Yeah, everyone does. They do. They just don’t care. It is such a common thing, that it doesn’t even elicit much notice, if any at all. Everyone picks their nose and everyone goes to the bathroom in the mundane world. So, if everyone does that why does a person get freaky that someone or something might “think” that they do it, too?

Alright, since I seem to have turned to a little wytch bytching, I am going to put out my biggest pet peeve involving people that know I am seer. Is it will you see for me? No. Is it can you help me understand this situation? No. Is it does everyone have these feelings? No. Is it can you train to become a seer and how can I do it? No.

It is the lazy people. The ones that stop speaking or only drop the tiniest of snippets and expect you to spend most of your time “knowing” what they are thinking or feeling. Even if I love you, stop it. It really isn’t fair. Speaking is a human courtesy to people like me. If you are “expecting” me to spend all my time reading you, then it really is just rude ~ not to mention tiring and boring. I have mixed feelings with people like this, but the most common ones are

(1) Why is this person so egotistical that they think I want to spend all my time reading them as if I was their personal psychic servant?

(2) Great. One way communication where someone is afraid that if they actually “say” something, then they have actually “said” it and have to take responsibility for saying it. [But this way, they can always pretend that I got it wrong and then admit I was right four months later and have questions after they had already tried to devalue my abilities to avoid or hide an issue.]

(3) If I have to spend all this time doing this with the living, I might as well just have spirits for friends or acquaintances.

(4) Am I some kind of party game amusement or is this just another nutty ‘let’s keep testing her” forever game?

(5) And occassionally, it’s this one ~ Yeah, I know you have some kind of “feelings” for me. Can’t you just ask if I want to discuss it. You know, like…um…grown ups?

As for knowing another person’s feelings. Feelings are feelings. Actions are actions. Even the best trained people cannot always control their feelings, but we can CHOOSE our actions regarding those feelings. Feelings do not mean you WANT to do something about it either. Yeah, I usually know how someone is feeling about me, but I will not usually interfere with their deniability either.

I don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable because I know. I just don’t like it when it goes on for awhile and someone knows I know and won’t discuss it. Not fair that you don’t know what I am feeling? Here, I will help you even the scales. Ask me.

Humans speaking to other humans is the communication of the mind which clarifies and applies discernment to what the spirit and the heart is usually already communicating between people.


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