When Seers Speak…

Just wanted to share a post I made in a group.
Most seers by their very nature and definition are sensitive to the emotional vibrations to others and can be quickly overwhelmed by aggressive posturing. In this regard, it makes them easy targets for a quick attack by people in the mundane world for any reason whether it has to do with any comment they have made or not made. And because it is easy to do this, they become easy targets.

I admire ***** for speaking up. Most seers have learned to stay in the broom closet with their abilities because they have, justifiably, come to the conclusion that it is just too painful to even try to reach out anymore. Therefore, my motivation for responding was to support her for speaking out. Seers are often left to stand alone and that is a difficult place to be.

If anyone reviews the posts in here, it is easily discernable that I have made no other comments that would fall into a “Seer” category. To my knowledge, I have seen little posted by ***** as well.

As for lack of specificity in what was stated, I would like to say that for me personally, I would not put specific details about someone else on a public forum. I may or may not know things of a sensitive nature, but I do not think anyone would want to have their personal things aired in public in such a manner. However, I think it is perfectly acceptable to suggest that something is amiss and to consider consulting another Seer in person. I think most of you can appreciate the need for a certain amount of ethics in Seers. To validate abilities for specifics about another person on a public forum would require us to cause discomfort to another and violate appropriate ethics.

I cannot state as to precisely what *****’s interpretation is, but my concern was not in regard to the past, but rather the fact that I think a future situation could be avoided. By suggesting he confer with a local seer for assistance, then I have feel I have been of some service without conveying intimate personal details. I have also conveyed personal emails over to someone who may know him and be of more in-depth assistance than the service I am willing to offer from such a distance.

If I know for a fact that there are tigers in a forest and that a person is going into that very forest without knowledge of the tigers, would it be wrong for me to say, “Be careful. There are tigers in the woods.” Then that person comes out of the other side of the woods and says that I am full of baloney because they didn’t get eaten by a tiger. Does that mean there were no tigers in the woods? Not necessarily.

But perhaps, because of the warning, that person decided not to travel at night when tigers hunt. Perhaps, the Goddess intervened from a prayer that was made and a deer crossed the path of the tiger so that it was happily munching on a deer and that person was blessed with safe passage. Does that really mean the message was invalid?

Communications from seers are guides and an opportunity for you think out of the box. Not to place your free will or direction in life in the hands of another. And whether you think our abilities are valid or not, is it so bad that council was offered and that other options and possible actions of which you may not have been aware, were brought to your attention so that you could make better informed decisions and possibly think of even more options yourself?

Brightest of Blessings,

Mead Muse


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