You Should Not be Ghost Hunting if….

Working with the spirits ~ Wooooohhhhhh!

Let’s start off with the discussion of who should NOT be messing with the spirits.

1. Anyone who does not understand and grasp the concept that the term “spirits” applies to a plethora of entities and does not have a basic understanding of what they might be. Ignorance may be bliss in the mortal world, but it can be dangerous in spirit workings.

2. Anyone who gets the willies easy and has an extreme physical reaction such as fainting.

Puking is all right. You will stop puking eventually. But not much you can do if you pass out, eh? But remember to be polite and not breathe on anyone standing near you. Smells bad.

Oh, yeah, runners kind of suck. Not so much that they take the fight or flight thing seriously, but they seldom fight and only run over the top of you and knock you down. Not fun plus you get scrapped knees.

Oh, yeah, grabbers too! Almost forgot about the grabbers who crawl on top of your back and wrap their arms around your neck so you can’t breathe. Not so much fun either.

You can hide behind someone. That’s okay. But don’t block the exit in case they are a runner or they will go over and through you and leave you there with scrapped knees.

And a little side note, any unusual occurrences in your panties are forgivable PROVIDED YOU DON’T BRING ATTENTION TO IT! Really! I mean it! I have a right to plausible deniability that there is something icky is in someone else’s pants and I am fully prepared to pretend it didn’t happen.

3. Anyone who wants to poke the dead dudes on national television, get them all riled up and then leave the poor property owners with pissed off spirits. Come on, guys. not nice and some of us are getting tired of cleaning up the mess you left behind.

4. Anyone who thinks that every spirit is a demon or the “Great Dark One of the Great Foreverness Pit of Despair and Doom” or whatever other title that has chosen “them” out of millions of other far more interesting people to annoy. Not sure what to say other than, boy you must really believe you are all that and a bag of chips to glean that much attention.

5. Anyone who slept through or drew doodle picture during basic self-protection 101 or still needs notes to remember how to do it.

6. Anyone who thinks it never stops being funny jumping out of closets and saying boogity boogity boo for the 9,364th time in the past hour.

Reposting of a discussion I posted on Paganspace. 10/25/08


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