Pitfalls of Intolerance – Something unfortunately learned from the “Mundane Majority”

Most of us who have pursued the off beaten path in our spiritual pursuits have encountered, in some form or another, negativity, invalidation, and attempts to divert us from our chosen beliefs and chosen lifestyles. When I speak to people individually, they often will share what they have had to endure or suffer in the name of their Path. They say it with pride because they know that the price at the hands of the “mundane majority” was necessary to inspire them further on their path and the strength they have gained from dealing with and going beyond adversarial conditions.

And then we gather in communities and groups, and do we find understanding, compassion, and acceptance for non-harmful life choices? Not always. It seems that sometimes some are more than willing to set aside their own experiences of persecution and belittlement and become like those who perpetuated that against them in the first place.

It starts small. It always does. It starts with, “I don’t understand this”. But it is not asked in order to gain a better understanding of another’s lifestyle or chosen beliefs, but rather a method to “set up” a fellow spiritual seeker, so that others can systematically tear them down and belittle them.

This is a common thread with the “mundane majority”. One which we should all strive to rid ourselves and our community of – intolerance in the form of belittling others in order to exalt oneself. Have we not all suffered enough from this “out there” where having a different belief somehow makes it “okay” to invalidate another person or his/her beliefs? Perhaps, it’s like other forms of abuse, where the abused one later feels the need to perpetuate what he has had to suffer? But we have free will and we can change how we react to what we have endured in our past.

Perhaps, we all, from time to time, need to reach back into our roots and remember. For it is in forgetting, that blinds us to our true destiny.

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