On Getting Permission to Heal

First, just want to say that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that it is a personal decision between oneself and their gods on what guidelines are appropriate for that person in regard to serving on their Path. For some, strict verbal permission is a requirement, for others spiritual permission is okay, for some the command of their God or Goddess may override permission.

In my original training, it was promoted that you should have permission, but that verbal permission was not always possible. In those cases, then one should seek and be certain of having received spiritual permission. A good example of this is an illness that causes some form of dementia or lack of ability to make rational decisions.

There are different forms of illness and not all can be approached in the same manner. There are also spiritual illnesses as well as physical and mental illnesses. Sometimes, an illness can affect a keynote figure in a group, which in turn negatively influences the whole of the group. In situations like this, sometimes the gods will work through a healer (sometimes with the healers knowledge and sometimes without) to restore balance.

From personal experience, I find that this sort of thing usually has to do with restoring the balance so that they can heal themselves. So, I suppose, there is also the question of whether restoring balance is the same as a “healing”.

Usually, I think restoring balance is permissible. If someone choses to not accept or remain in balance, it will usually quickly snap back into imbalance and no harm has been done. Sort of like putting them in the place where they can take their own medicine rather than forcing medicine down their throats. lol

If it is a direct request for healing, you can heal. If it is not the “direct request”, then serious spiritual seeking and consideration should be done first and without doubts as to whether it should or should not be done.

Remember, there is always the measure that if it is not suppose to be, the gods will not let it happen no matter how hard you try. Sometimes, it can be so blatantly refused by a person’s spirit (even if they give direct permission), you can actually see it snap back like a rubber band on the person because they cling to the illness like a child and they insist on making the illness a part of their being (sometimes for example, they might not get as much attention if they are not suffering an illness and the need for attention overrides their desire for balance or health).

So, in usual unusal metaphysical fashion, I will say that for me personally the answer is usually, but not always.

Brightest of Blessings.

Mead Muse

P.S. One more thing I would like to add is a little…um…sage advice.

Novice Healers and rebalancers should be especially careful around elders and advanced practitioners without full direct permssion. They can get a little cranky when a novice decides to exert themselves over them without permission, so to speak, and the result could be…unpleasant.

If you interfere with something they are purposely working on, you might just screw it up and piss them off. They might (and they do sometimes) work “off the balance” on something and to have someone pop in (even with good intentions) and try to “balance” them will not make them happy and might make a “controlled” or “critical” situation…unsafe.

If you are not 100% certain, then just don’t do it. There are other advanced healers available in the Service of the Gods that have the appropriate discernment and experience to deal with something and you don’t have to do it yourself or think you have to fix everything and everyone.

Not to be overly dark or to say that it will absolutely happen, but one should not wander the woods in ignorance either.


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