The Path of Healers in the Craft

Back in the day, there were no “Reiki” lessons or crystal healing classes available like there is now. Occasionally, if you were lucky to be in a somewhat metropolitan area that had a “counterculture” hub, then there might be a few yoga classes or a few reclaiming herbalism classes.

What we basically had was “spiritual healing”. Sort of like being thrown into a pool of water and not knowing how to swim and hoping that you didn’t drown yourself or someone else while you were figuring it out. If you were fortunate, as I was, then you had an experienced “swimmer” near by to explain the basic techniques. When there was a healing to be done, you did it. You took a few minutes to put yourself in a proper place (spiritually, mentally, and physically) to do it and then you just did it.

I have to chuckle a little sometimes (and yes, this shows my age) when I do a healing and someone asks if I do reiki and I simply reply, “Nah, I just do it.” The looks on the faces are quite funny sometimes.

Honestly, being a healer of physical ails, it is not my forte. I suppose you could say that I am a spirit healer and I wander between worlds and point people back to their path if they get a little misplaced in the forest. Whether they chose to return or follow their path or not is entirely up to them. Sort of like a gas station in the desert. You still have to travel through the desert, but you can get revived and get your bearings. Healers and spirit workers have a bit in common. Just different purposes.

I have noticed a trend, though. It seems that I run into quite a few people that indicate that they are healers of physical ails, which I think is marvelous. We need as many healers (in whatever method they decide is best for them) in our pagan communities. However, I have also noted another trend. Healers who won’t heal.

The usual excuse is that they are not in a good place for it. Sometimes I can agree with that, but if you are on the path of the Healer, then you are supposed to heal. When I see a proclaimed healer not healing day after day after day and time after time, it is disturbing. If that is a person’s path, then it is important to remember that others are RELYING on you and your ability. Warriors need healing. Spirit workers need healing. The job of the healer in our community is to support and keep others in a place where they can do their job.

If you have a counselor who is incapacitated with a migraine, how can they perform their service if they can’t get past the pain? How can a warrior defend or others feel that they are protected by the warrior if the warrior can barely move? All our paths are intermingled and we are supposed to support each other in our Service to Her. When one person decides to refuse to function (in whole or part) on their Path, then (1) a gaping hole in Service begins, or (2) someone else has to leave their Path to fill the gap temporarily, or (3) someone has to pull double duty and do their path and yours.

I find that more and more, I have to jump from spirit work into healing, and this usually happens when someone says they are a healer and then they say they won’t heal. I can see the spirit pain that is keeping someone from their path and, in my path, I feel often compelled to pull double duty so to speak, so that the person I am supposed to assist is in a position to be assisted.

However, when I do this, I unfortunately realize that I am spending time and energy doing someone else’s job and depleting my own time and energy which should be spent on doing my own job. Does this really help the whole circle? What about the people that get “bumped” because I don’t have time? Someone always has to pay the price in the Circle when someone refuses to do their Service.

Similar to assisting at festivals or gatherings — if you are going to volunteer and put yourself out there as being able to do something, then do it. Everyone will understand a temporary excuse, but repeated excuses? If you aren’t a strong healer, but you have the calling to that Path, then train and PERFECT YOUR ART and, in the meantime, volunteer or serve in another path in which your strength lies or in which you have competency.

When to Heal and Not to Heal? There will be a certain amount of people whom you can’t or shouldn’t heal. Sometimes, you can try as hard as you can and it won’t take because of this. But if you are spending more time avoiding healing than healing and you are a Healer, then this is not a proper excuse. Something is wrong and you need to look for the answer. It may be confidence. It may be a training issue. But you won’t be able to fix it, if you don’t look for the problem.

If you just did a healing and are still shaking off any residual or recharging, then heal yourself first. Tell the person asking for help. They understand and they will wait, give them herbal directions, or send them to another healer. But, please don’t leave they standing there suffering. Keep in mind, it is very difficult from some people (such as warriors) to even ask for assistance in the first place. Last thing they really need is to be “blown off”. A good proportion of warriors won’t ask a second time.

Remember, words have power. It is a pitfall to claim to be something when you are not or do not feel that you are. When this is done, then you have already set yourself up to be ineffective and unproductive, not to mention having distracted yourself from your true Path and abilities.

Brightest of Blessings upon the Healers and those who find the strength to serve on their Paths.

Mead Muse


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  1. Liked this post much, but as a healer myself, wanted to add a couple of points to it.

    First,there are some people who are not ready to be healed. Many times, these are folks who have good and proper reasons (which I sometimes feel is code for “reasons I don’t agree with that are none the less legitimate”- sigh)why they need to stay with their illness/ injury longer. With these folks, there’sa limit to how much even the most powerful healer can do.

    And you need to respect their free will, even if it drives you nuts…

    Next, it’s important to keep in mind that one doesn’t need to be in perfect health before you can be a healer. I’ve got chronic fatigue syndrome and being a healer has let me help myself as I help others.

    So every healer has the potential for personal illness, but can still be of service. I’d just say that, if there’s a ongoing problem, the healer needs to work on his own healing and commit according to what he can provide

    The 3rd point would be balance.Even healthy healers need to be sure to maintain a healthy balance between the needs of others and their own, or they are likely to burn out

    This means that,when everybody’s in need, the healing responsibilities may need to get shared(just as,in heavy combat situations, the healers may need to swing a pike or throw some stones)

    Hope this adds to the topic-as someone who wears a lotta hats and takes commitments seriously, I can see why you’re frustrated. I just hope you’re taking care of yourself as well as other people


    • Very insightful. Thank you so much for contributing. Brightest of Blessings, Mead

  2. You’re welcome.

    Just thought these were variables worth considering. I find that healers(including myself) are far more likely than other folks to overextend themselves and crash and burn, so the issue of balance is pretty important(speaking as someone who’s needed to learn the hard way)


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