Group and Coven Dynamics

Dissension and defection are common when you have groups of individuals (as opposed to the army, lol) The dynamics of groups and covens is that they have their own ebb and flow, just as all other things in nature. So any member of any group should expect this to happen on occasion, just as it being Africa hot in Florida summers.

Sometimes differences can be resolved and sometime they can’t. When they can’t, then there are usually three choices: (1) leave for another group, or (2) work it out, or (3) adapt to include the dissenting view (which includes the “Agree to Disagree” approach).

As spiritually guided people, the purpose of the theory of Merry Meet and Merry Part has to do precisely with this. It is a method in which we can set aside our differences and retain amicable relations with others in the community. It reminds us that, while not all things may go as we wish, we should set aside our personal feelings and egos for the good of the community.

What is the purpose of dissension and defections? To make us think and grow.
They remind us that we can spend our time justifying ourselves and our  actions or we can use the negative impact to create something even more wonderful and contributory to ourselves and our community. It is a reminder that Gods permit nothing to stay stagnant. Even the clearest and best of ponds will turn murky if it remains stagnant.

I am not involved in the “situation” and have no interest in becoming so. Just consider this a reminder that each and everyone of you have the choice to set aside the “personal impact and reactions” and use this moment in your group’s history to make yourselves stronger and better and increase your value to the

Whether the growth comes directly from the issues at hand or whether you use the “tide” to promote other areas of growth, remember to use the flow that is being offered to you. As we enter the darkening moon, remember that it is a time for introspection and planning so that we can embrace the next tide of growth with constructive and considerate reflection to that we can then surge forward.

So ask yourselves, how can I use this experience to move forward and create
something more?

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