Male Mysteries – Pagan Male Archetypes

    What are the Archetypes in the Male Mysteries?

In Sacred Paths for Modern Men – A Wake Up Call from Your Twelve Archetypes by Dagonet Dewr, he lists the following 12 archtypes (but they are not all inclusive with the breadth of the male mysteries)

Divine Child
Green Man
Sacrificed One

In R.J. Stewart’s book Celebrating the Male Mysteries, he lists the following five:

Warrior, Poet, Prophen, Priest, and King

Other Favorite Recommended Books on the subject are:

His Story by Nicholas Mann

The Grail Castle – Male Myths and Mysteries in the Celtic Tradition by Kenneth Johnson and Marguerite Elsbeth


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  1. I never much cared for Dewr; he over segregated things far too often for my tastes, his Male Mysteries being a good example.

    I greatly prefer Stewart’s approach.

    The Warrior could be the Magician, the Destroyer, or the Sacrificed One. It all depends on the circumstances and the Warrior’s approach.

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