Male Mysteries – Our Common Goal

One of the on-going and persistent issues we have brought forward from the “mundane majority” is the “us and against them” mentality. If there isn’t a “them”, then they will hunt one down and, if one cannot be located, then they will find one amongst themselves.

This is not about sex versus sex issue.
This is not about Goddess versus God worship.
This is not about disempowering anyone else.
This is not about one Group or Tradition against another Group or Tradition.
This is about deepening our understanding in our spiritual pursuit.

Yes, there will be some comparison about the female structure in regard to the male structure, but I sincerely hope that it will be a focus as to what has made the female structure successful and how parts of the “structure” can be used beneficially for enhancing the masculine “structure”, while accepting at the same time, that what may be of best and highest use for one gender may not be for the other.

This is mutually working together for a common cause ~ empowering the male aspect WITHOUT disempowering women or anyone else or fueling the misassumption that to empower one automatically will be disempowering to the other.

I would respectfully request that we all try to keep this in mind in our discussions.

We can do this. I know we all can do this if we work together for the common cause. Let’s be an example to the Mundane Majority rather than continuing the negative lessons we learned from them.

Let us build a legacy for our sons and our daughters of mutual empowerment and acceptance.

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