Male Mysteries – Dealing with Reactions

I have come to accept that a good portion of men and women have some latent anger issues with regard to the Goddess God gap. Fortunately, I have found that of those (after they have taken that first swing at me for having boobies), then have gotten a little steam off and begin to realize what we are trying to do. They (and we all) have to accept that there will be latent emotions cropping up and that some people (men and women) will need more time to understand this isn’t about widening the gap or returning to past misconceptions and misplaced perceptions. They just need time.

We also have to accept that some people will just never be comfortable with the balanced approach and that’s okay, too, and that’s what make pagansim so wonderful in our society. We don’t all have to walk the same walk.

Everyone has to travel their own path to the center. This “movement” is making one path a little more accessible for those that wish to travel upon it or just to understand it. I say what needs to be said and do my Matrix move, if necessary, and go about my Service Path.

The important part is to remember to not let yourself get overly distracted because another may not understand or might be, in fact, trying to inhibit or stop what is a necessary evolution in the community.


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