Thinking Out of the Box

In response to a thread inquiry –

No issue here and I have no personal emotional reaction to your inquiry. I am rather educated and perfectly able to support my opinions and thoughts when asked even when the inquiry is stated in a form that suggests that I am less informed or educated than the inquiring person.

However, I will admit that I find it to be a daunting trend to rely exclusively on the written opinions of people presented as fact in our education system when they are speculations and conclusions drawn from available information. History has often been “colored” by the religious and social interpretations of the writer. At one time, school text books presented that Native Americans and African Americans possessed far lower capacities in many areas. We do not carry that belief any longer, but many people relied on that information as “fact” without questioning it.

We, the mystics, alchemists, pagans and witches, are the scientists and innovators throughout time. We want to look at things for ourselves and see if we draw the same conclusions. Although, our kind has known that some punishment was likely for pursuing deeper truths on many levels, we have still have been willing to “break out of the box” and look at things with fresh perspectives.

The educational system does not promote “free thinking” and we all need to remember our innovative legacy and be willing to set aside the “rote training” of the mudane majority when it does not correlate with our Path.

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