Ironic Results

So, it is several days later and I have still been thinking about the truck accident I was supposed to be in. It’s funny, but normally I don’t ruminate for so long about whether there will be a rebound and, if so, what the ramifications will be. But, I supposed that was why it was supposed to be on my mind.

We were hit by a garbage truck in front of house yesterday. Lol. I just love it. Our car was stopped waiting for the garbage truck to pass so that we could turn into the yard. The truck tried to take a turn behind us and stuck our vehicle while we were stopped. No one was hurt, although the rear of my truck is very sad looking right now.

The truck driver got out and screamed. I merely pointed out, as the policewoman did when she arrived, that he hit a car in its proper lane and was not moving. Pretty clear cut to me. Lol.

I tried hard not to laugh. It must be the faerie blood in me, but it’s more likely that it really had become an inside joke at that point. I was relieved and happy. We went inside and got coffee while we waited for the police to come. I had all the comforts of home instead of sitting in the heat on the side of some freeway. There were no injuries either. How could I possible complain or get mad at this point?

I am blessed.

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