Living a Pagan-Wiccan Based Life

Living a Pagan-Wiccan Based Life

For Pagans and Wiccans, there are two “worlds” in which we live – the “spiritual” and the “mundane”. However, these two worlds are not separate like planets in the universe, though. They cross over and sometimes are interwoven as well.

Our beliefs are our beliefs. They are considerations and operatives that motivate and guide us. There are many books available that skim the surfaces of the basics of these beliefs including nature worship, pagan theology, reincarnation, fertility, psychic abilities, magickal talents, etc.

But, how do these beliefs translate into our lives in the mundane. Sometimes I am a little envious of the Christian structure – not the dogma, but rather the structure that helps facilitate their beliefs in various sects to bring their spirituality into their lives. Most of PW (Pagan-Wiccan) communities do not have the resources, materials, or structures that the Christian sects have.

For example, almost every Christian sect offers some type of marital deepening or counseling imperative – workshops, lectures, other successful Christian couples, wives groups, husband groups. In the PW community, there is no such thing really. If you are lucky, you might be able to afford to travel to a gathering and there might be a couples workshop or more likely a dancing workshop. Then the couple goes home and that’s that. What then? They can go utilize the resources of outside or non-religious based options. These options often involve the Money/Insurance circuit and means you need to have the ability to pay and or insurance coverage.

Go to any established Christian group and ask for a marriage based study group or counseling group and BAM! They often even have a pamphlet ready for you outlining everything that is offered to the Christian couple – Couples Night out with the church providing childcare, a list of books suggested for married people to stay close, a wives bible study group, a family man bible study group, etc.

Now compare this to the PW offerings. Most likely you will get a suggestion to see a marriage counselor (money/insurance) or that there is some retreat somewhere (money/insurance) or maybe someone can talk to you sometime.

The PW communities have a huge need for belief-based resources. We need teen counseling, pagan parenting, retirement planning, indigent assistance, etc. There is a small grassroots movement to provide some of these things, but they are usually reliant upon one person fighting the good fight. We all need to fight the good fight though.

It is a dream that I have that we can becoming willing to look at the successful structures of some of the established religions and begin such things ourselves without feeling the need to absorb the dogmatic approaches either.

Brightest of Blessings
Mead Muse

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