Finding Home…

Sometimes, I think it is just as important to find out where you don’t belong as much as it is to find out where you do belong. And, perhaps, more importantly, graciously accepting that you don’t belong somewhere or that you only belonged for a short while and it is time to move on.

After so many years of travels on the path, I now find contentment in that I belong exactly where I am standing. I need no excuse or justification for that. There is no apology to make for it either. It is simply is what it is and nothing more. I am fortunate and blessed that my husband and I stand beside each other.

In this spot right here, we will build our castle – stone by stone with our own hands. And at the end of the day, if I roam these halls with naught else but the spirits and my familiars, then I will count myself blessed for seeing that we created our home where no one else stands. If anyone should pass by and say that it only seems a shack to them or by what right should we deserve to be in such a castle or that we are not good company, then I will bid them good journey on their travels and give them a sandwich to take on their journey to other places far away knowing that this place is where they do not belong.

So in the end, I do not belong there near or far nor amid others validating each other, but in the very place that I am standing. This place. Right here. Right now. The way I am. Being the very being that I am.

Namaste – The spirit within me acknowledges the spirit within you and doesn’t care whether you acknowledge, accept, or validate the spirit in me in return.

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