Encounters with a Unicorn Mystic

To understand the Unicorn Mystic, one needs to understand the myth and folklore concerning the traits of Unicorns. They are difficult to approach and few humans have the capacity and integrity to spend long periods of time around Unicorns. Unicorns embody the purity of soul truths which is one of the paths of enlightenment and tremendous power. Since they embody soul truths, they can only be approached by those who are ready, willing, and able to receive and project soul truths. As one can imagine, someone who is in deep denial or avoidance would shun, avoid, or sometimes even attempt to destroy unicorns. One cannot hide oneself from the embodiment of soul truths.

Therefore, few humans can approach unicorns. The Unicorn itself will not permit it for its own sake and survival as well as for the person who is incapable of being in the presence of unmasked soul truth. The Unicorn is, therefore, reclusive and skittish for it is a soul truth that the closer one comes to the source of purity, then there are those who will attempt to destroy or defile it merely to enhance, protect, and validate their misperceived visions and interpretations of themselves and the world around them as they have defined it. Therefore, being open to soul truths provides, by necessity or survival, the ability to protect oneself in the form of the horn and hoof. The search for soul truth can be dangerous to those unwilling to accept soul truth or to one seeking to destroy soul truths.

Fear is the only enemy to soul truth. Although fear may manifest in a variety of forms, all the forms can be traced back to some fear whether it be lack of control, avoidance of soul truths, hidden agendas, unaddressed emotional attachments, etc.

The Unicorn chooses when and with whom it will have a special connection and for how long. They will ultimately choose to not be contained or controlled by those who perpetuate or insist on denial or attempt to manipulate through games their personal agenda over the purity of truths. Since most humans cannot maintain such a state of acceptance of such soul truths, there are very few myths or folklore that reflect their ability to maintain long term, daily contact and communication with unicorns. There are some other creatures (elves, fairies and such) that maintain longer contact than humans, but the only being that can continually remain in the permanent presence of a unicorn is another unicorn.

The Unicorn Mystic has the capacity to dwell in and commune in a state of refined love and passion. Though the passion can be expressed in a sexual manner, this is not the definition of or the requirement of Unicorn Mystics. It is the higher love that, unfortunately, the majority of people can only interpret in a sexual way because that is the closest they have come in their lives to embracing such a force. Because of this sexual misconnection (and all the learned social impressions imposed toward the sexual aspect of life), many humans (through their past experiences) can only process such an encounter in a sexual way.

The Unicorn Mystic, however, has been able to have experiences that differentiate the sexual act from the state of being and has come to the realization that one is the truth and the other the action upon or from the truth. They have learned that the sexuality is a small expression of a much larger soul truth. It is not a requirement or prerequisite in the search of soul truth. Though it can often be a most delightful expression of it.

Like encounters with the Unicorn, the Unicorn Mystics can invoke an aura of love, acceptance, and a reflection of soul truths to those that are in their presence. The experience is similar to walking around being buried up to your neck in sand and not realizing the situation. Then someone comes along and, while they are in your presence, the sand is pushed away from you. However, when you leave their presence, the sand settles back around you as it had before. Only this time you are aware you are in sand.

What do you choose to do then? Do you accept that the sand will always be around you and hate the fact that you will always know that there is sand surrounding you? Or do you choose to have blessed and embrace your own abilities and strength to push the sand away and walk upon the top of the sand to become your own Unicorn Mystic?

Brightest of Blessings

Mead Muse


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