Encounters with the Phoenix Mystic

In our discussions regarding the Unicorn Mystic, we leaned about the principle of soul truths and that, although we may discover and incorporate soul truths into ourselves, we must not forget the necessity to protect soul truths and who/what we have become as a result. Revelations of soul truths must be done wisely and with great caution lest those who cannot abide soul truths seek to destroy the mystic; however, we must remember that although we seek to walk in the purity or soul truths and love, we have hoof and horn to protect ourselves and to protect the existence of soul truths in the world.

Next, we will look at the Phoenix Mystic. Most are familiar with tale of the regenerating bird and its nest ignited in a fiery flash every 500 or 1,000 years, and then reconstitutes itself back into a young bird or egg from its own ashes so that it may renew itself again.

Most people focus on the ability to recover and reconstruction after destruction. Briefly, it is the ability to rise again after being destroyed. It reminds us of our soul’s capacity to regenerate and transmute itself. But what does it regenerate into? Itself. Not into some mysterious other being, but as a purified version of itself. The phoenix embodies that we are what we are and no matter how many ways you may strive to be what you are not, in the end when all things are wiped away, you remain what you are. So the journey is not about changing into something different, but actually coming to the realization of what you are — not what you imagine or pretend you are, or what you may have been taught that you are. It is the existence of self as itself and the realization and acceptance of self within oneself and within the universe.

The Phoenix Mystic is willing to burn for rebirth and accepts that the burning is necessary even though it may hurt at the moment. The Phoenix Mystic will settle into its nest and prepare to burn without fear when necessary. In this respect, it embodies the principle that doing the right thing and pursuing the right path is more important than our perception of who we are. When we are not lost in the “personality” we have developed and have acceptance for the true self, then there is no fear of returning to the true self. In this aspect, the phoenix is the embodiment of the soul’s journey and reincarnation. It reminds us that there is no true ending, but merely short periods of absence from each other. We may no longer look the same or have the same personality, but soul truths continue on. All we need is to remember to remember.

It is also interesting to note that most mythological references to the phoenix incorporate five colors representative of the four elements and the fifth element of spirit. This reminds us that we are not separate from the elements, but they are what constitute our spirits as well as the physical manifestation as the colors still exist as a part of us after the burning and regeneration.

When in the presence of the Phoenix Mystic, people will often have a tingling sensation of beginning to change, however, it is not change, but the itch to return to a purified state after having travelled in the physical manifestation too long without the purifying flames. The Phoenix Mystic often has little fear or hesitation around the fire element and its correlations and will often be adept at fire magicks. Prolonged time with a Phoenix Mystic will cause you to burn, but somehow you will feel that the burning is alright. However, many people are unable to bear the soul purification process and will often avoid or flee once they realize that their finger is on fire. This can be dangerous, because when the fire is not complete, then that person will remain as their were with a charred limb until they are finally ready to full enter the flames of rebirth, regeneration, and transmutation.

The Phoenix Mystic teaches us to look at ourselves closely. Have we avoided the flames? Do we wander around with a partially burnt limb and mourn that it is no longer what it once was? Do we accept responsibility for being in that condition because we refused to embrace what our soul needed?


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