Encounters with the Seahorse Mystic

The Hippokampoi or Seahorse Mystic is another combination of elements. The myths of the hippokampoi reflect the head and fore part of the horse and the rear portion is reflective of a serpentine fish. The hooves are often webbed.

The horse, of course, is reflective of the earth element, which symbolizes stability and material manifestations. The fish is reflective of the water element, which symbolizes the subconscious mind, dreams and visions. For those who might consider the two elements of water and earth to be passive and unthreatening should keep two things in mind – tsunamis and mud slides. The power of both lies in the lessons of deluge and weight.

The aspects of earth represented by the horse are loyalty, reliability and willingness to do what must be done; however, that these characteristics are not towards the materialism of the earth element, but rather serve the watery aspect and, thus, their domain is in and about the water and with other water creatures.

The Seahorse Mystics are one the rarer mystics that one might encounter in this time period, although, in far gone times, it was a much more popular path of study. They have the ability to manifest and bring to the surface hidden desires, dreams, fears, and memories. They have the amazing ability to be focused and detached at the same time. One of the water aspects is love, but one must remember that watery love is cool and unattached. The earth aspect gives it weight though, but the combination does not impart a passionate warmth.

The Seahorse Mystics usually are or become powerful seers. They can see into the soul and what lies far beneath regardless of whether the person is even aware of what lies there or not. Whether the Seahorse Mystic will reveal what they see or know is another matter, but they will see and know things you may not wish them to and they might call it to the surface whether you wish them to or not. They make great counselors when their abilities are used wisely and can be of great benefit if you are willing to be seen.

The lessons from the Seahorse Mystic is that all things hidden can be revealed and if one is going to hide from themselves, eventually a deluge can possibly overcome and overwhelm them.

We should ask ourselves then, if we have hidden things so deeply that their revelation can become a self-imposed tsunami. The deeper things are, the blurrier they become and more difficult to recognize. If so, then we should learn to face them for what they are without exaggeration or justifications and let the deep waters be as clear as possible.


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