Seers – Scanning, Discernment, Probing, and Pushing

Seers, generally, but not all, have a tendency to keep a psychic ear open to the environment around them. It is described in many ways, such as “scoping for signs”, “observing energy patterns”, etc. The active practice of this is called SCANNING. It is as if you are using psychic fingers to gently touch things around you for a general impression.

Scanning is a critical function for adept Seers. It is not invasive and can be a critical forewarning of events or situations for Seers. If, for example, a Seer has a message for someone, then as they are approaching that person, they often will be scanning to see if that person is at all receptive to such a message being delivered by a Seer. Some people can react very negatively and sometimes violently to even the mere thought of a spiritual message. Therefore, scanning can be a necessary survival skill for a Seer and help them to avoid painful repercussions that may occur.

Additionally, scanning helps to determine the current mood for receptivity. On a mundane level of scanning, if you walk into a room and the person the Seers wishes to speak to is busy speaking to five other people, it is probably not the time to impart any messages.

Scanning provides us with basic information from which we can exercise DISCERNMENT. Discernment is the ability to determine when, if, and how to deliver a message or gift. Walking up to a stranger and saying, “I have a spiritual message for you,” seldom goes over well. Sometimes, it takes days to deliver a message or gift. Sometimes it takes minutes. The ability to discern the proper delivery of information and gifts is as important as having the Sight. An improperly delivered or ill-timed message or gift can prove to be more harmful than a failed delivery and the practice of discernment helps us to use the abilities that have been given to us for the highest good.

PROBING is an invasive form of scanning. It is actually going into someone (with or without their permission) to retrieve information, message, or vision. Probing can be a useful tool for people who are trying to overcome a severe denial issue or have some type of blockage that they wish to remove or work on. Probing for personal reasons is a misuse of abilities. Usually, inappropriate probing is not a conscious act, but Seers should make a point of consciously using and controlling their abilities and not be led by the subconscious. More often than not, the Seer that misuses probing has control issues and needs to work on their feelings of security and self-worth so that they do not feel like they have to “have one up on others” to feel in control.

Probing another Seer is incredibly rude. It happens a lot and it is very annoying. It is like a kid throwing a baseball at Babe Ruth over and over again trying to hit him in the head. Inappropriate probing can get you in trouble. I am usually patient with people who trying probing because I prefer to think that they are untrained or have issues, but it still does not make it any less rude. However, they should also be aware that intensely attempting to probe someone also makes them vulnerable and they could get a painful spiritual slap from someone. Babe Ruth just might chuck a fast ball back at them. lol!

How do you know you are being probed without consent? Not everyone can tell. Some of the feelings are (but not limited to any one or combination) feelings of pressure especially in the back of the head or forehead or nausea. A common method used by developing probers is that they will stare very intently at the object they are trying to probe in order to focus. While staring, though, they do not seem to actually be looking at the person or hearing what they are saying. Ask them a question. See if they respond. If they murmur or blow you off and there is no other reason for the staring (such as you are really, really hot or they are having a vision), then you might want to shield up if you don’t want to be probed. If in doubt and you don’t want that sort of contact, shield. Brick walls are pretty good for that. If they snap out of it as soon as you shield, then they were most likely probing. This part is important – TELL THEM THAT PROBING WITHOUT PERMISSION IS RUDE. Like I said, some people don’t even realize they are doing it and they need to become aware of it before they become spiritually slapped by an elder or adept.

PUSHING is another invasive activity, but the person who is a pusher does not necessarily have to be a Seer. Pushing is putting thoughts, visions, emotions, motivations, or ideas into another person or group of people. Like with probing, pushing is a double edged sword. It can be a very beneficial healing tool. Contentment, happiness, self-worth, joy, etc. can be pushed into the person who is depressed or under some type of psychic or emotional distress. It can be used to defuse a volatile situation. This is different than changing the energy patterns in an environment. Pushing is actually putting thoughts into another person.

An example of pushing for the higher good. You are in a pub and everything is wonderful and everyone is having fun. A drunk man walks in and over the course of about ten minutes, the whole atmosphere changes and becomes volatile and hostile. People start fighting with each other and getting snippy. The drunk man just sits there quietly talking to a few people, but seems to increase in his merriment and become giddy, the more other people become agitated. After fully scanning the situation, you realize that he is (whether on purpose or through his drunkenness) chaos working. The pusher might then push sleepiness and the desire to go home into him He leave and then everything returnsto the previous state of having fun.

Is this a violation to push the drunk man to go home? Perhaps, but when so many other people are being negatively affected, it is a matter of discernment for the higher good.

Do all pushers only push for the higher good? No. Can you protect yourself? Yeah. Similar to hypnotism, you cannot be made to do something that is against you nature and you need to believe that. You have to be willing to be hypnotized and, to a degree, you also have to be open and willing to being pushed. If you feel that you are being pushed, then shield and stay focused on what you are doing. If you were talking about ships, then focus yourself on continuing to talk about ships while shielding.

Brightest Blessings


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  1. Hello,
    I was just looking about the web as a few years ago I was in a pub in the late afternoon in a small town on the Oregon coast. I was standing at the bar having a beer and eatting something and there were about 30 people in the place and a woman in her 60s came in with her daughter and she oredered some food at the bar next to me and looked at me for a moment and brushed my hand with hers and then said to me that I was a Seer. I just smiled at her and did not think much about it, but I have had some odd experiances over time especialy as a kida with very strong deja vue and some episodes of what they called night terrors but that I recall as very specific with things like deepest darkest cold spaces showing up at the end of my bed and hearing things like “choose” in my mind and then hidding under the covers and praying till it got warm again. I also had very vivid dreams often and teachers said I was very intuitive along with being smart. Just cursious a bit if any of this means anything ?

    • Everyone has some psychic abilities or as we call it the “Sight”, but an established Seer has a consistent gift (which may be natural born or trained, but usually both) with a high level of accuracy. They use their gifts on a regular basis as well.

      I host a Seers Group on PaganSpace that discusses a lot of the questions you have. The Group is not Pagan exclusive and regardless of your belief system, you should be able to glean some of the information you are looking for. If you have questions after that, feel free to post them and the Seers are very helpful in responding.

      Brightest of Blessings on your journey!

  2. Hello, my name is Katheen. when i was young i had a dream of my friend dieing. I had it many times tell i told my other friend about it. She said she had the same dream to. To make shure it wasent a lie i asked her things about it onley i would know. we contined to have the dream until the day our friend diddent come to school we thought nothing of it. 3 days later the teacher pulled us aside to tell us that in a horribal accident she had died. I kept having dreams about things like my teacher breaking her ankle after steping on a eraser with high heels in class ect. it all kept comming true until i started shuting every thing out i wouldent sleep or eat and it went away. it has been almost 10 years and its back. Along with seeing people who have died. i will black out and see car crashes and accidents or storms that come true. my friend moved a few years back and sufferd a trama from an accident and cant remember anything. Am i a seer? please help

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