Seer Slang

You can find a lot of technical names for what Seers are or do, but there are slang terms we prefer to use amongst ourselves rather than using words with 15 syllables in them. A quick note should be made that Seers usually cannot be classified as having only one ability, but may be referred to by their strongest abilities (if they wish for it to be known. Lol)

Amp — Person who can amplify abilities in another person
Anchor — Person who guides/controls/guards a medium or other trance worker. Should have the ability to retrieve the medium from a trance state and control unwanted manifestation.
Apparition — Any type of spiritual manifestation into the physical. May be full or partial. May be solid or see through.
Astro — Astrologer.
Avalon or Avalonic Records — Besides a location in myth, also a library of Celtic knowledge – similar to akashic records library. Created by “Shining Ones”
Between Worlds — Waking trance state where the person can be involved in a conversation or other activity while in a trance state and receptive.
Blasting — Overwhelming a seers receptors
Bleeder, Leech, or Vamp — Someone who leeches energy from another person. Vampiric activity.
Blocking — See also jamming. Preventing reception from reaching a Seer.
Chaos Worker — Someone who creates chaos in their environment usually to heighten kinetic energy in the atmosphere.
Concurrent or Concurrency — Perception of events as they occur or within one hour prior to or after events.
Count or Numbers Man — Numerologists
Dead Dudes — Ghosts of people
Deep — Very deep trance or state or focus. Also, a state in which one might not be able to return such as “in the deep”
Diviner — One who uses divination tools to acquire information regarding the past, present or future.
Doolittle — One who communicates with animals, either extinct or existing.
Dowser — One who uses a divining rod to locate objects, places, or people
Dreamer — May dream of past, present or future events and some have the ability to work within those dreams to assist others. May also have the ability to enter into dreams of others.
Dreamscape — Place where people can meet in their dreams. Dream convergence. Different than subconscious dreaming. Group dreaming.
Ear — Clairaudience – Ability to hear beyond ordinary means or hearing spiritual voices.
Empath — Feels emotions of others either past, present or future.
Energy Workers — Ability to perceive energy patterns in people and/or and some have the ability to adjust those energy patterns.
Ethernet — Energy and spiritual planes from which Seers access information
Eye — Ability to remotely view places, events or people. Traveling Clairvoyance: Now called remote viewing.
Grail Keeper or Grail Worker — One who works in conjunction with a Vessel and who can guide or utilize the Vessel’s abilities.
Guardians — People and spirits who guard and protect Seers. Guardians may or may not have Seer abilities themselves.
Halo — Ability to read auras
Head to Head — Two seers trying to jam or block each other at the same time.
Hummer — Ability to hear ethereal or other types of music.
Indigo Children — Certain children born after the late 1970s that are believed to be a higher stage of evolution. They typically have increased empathy, creativity and psychic abilities, but are not compliant with authority figures and are always unconventional. These children can present with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Autism and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. (OCD)
Jamming — Blocking a seers receptors or interfering with their reception
Librarians — Spiritual guardians in the Akashic plane who permit or prevent access to records.
Library — Akashic records in which events and information has been stored and can be accessed.
Memory Keepers — Sees past lives or events and often uses those past experiences to guide others.
Mover — Can move objects without use of ordinary means
Negs or Negatives — Usually only sees negative, violent, or tumultuous events or energies. Or a temporary state such as “in the neg”.
Prober — One who has the ability to invade another person (with or without permission) and can forcibly retrieve information.
Prophet — Foresees certain events, usually widespread events and rarely individual events. Often foresees events that have significant social impact. Precognitive Clairvoyance: Also called prevision; quite literally seeing the future.
Pusher — Can push or implant thoughts, emotions, visions, or motivations into another person.
Reader — Accurately reads and understands reading forms of divination such as tarot cards, I Ching, or runes.
Running Blind — A Seer who cannot see. Usually a temporary condition either caused by a convergence of fate which a Seer might try to alter, a karmic event in which a seer must learn their own lessons, or the state of being blocked or bound by outside forces preventing the Seer from seeing.
Scanner — One who has the ability to “scan” a person or environment and retrieve information on the status or energy pattern.
Scribe — One who does automatic writing, drawing, typing, etc.
Scryer — Reads signs, usually environmental signs and omens, such as fire gazing, cloud reading, bird movements, etc.
Sniffer — Ability to smell beyond ordinary means or receives spiritual smells. Clairolefactor: French for “clear smelling;” the ability to literally smell scents that are associated with spirits or past experiences, scents being experienced over long distances, etc.
Spirit Workers — Yakker – Ability to communicate with spirits and/or the deceased
Spotter or Bombay — Can determine health conditions in people or future health conditions. May or may not be a healer, but will often work with healers. Medical Clairvoyance: The ability to psychically diagnose diseases.
Swinger — One who uses a pendulum
Taster — Clairhambience: French for “clear tasting;” the ability to literally taste foods being eaten by someone else.
Telepath — Mind reader
Touchy Feely — Psychometry, one who can sense by touching objects. Also, Clairkinesthesia: Also called bio-perception; French for “clear touching;” the ability to literally feel physical contact with discarnate entities, experience physical sensations of someone else, etc.
Tracker — Trackers can find objects or people. May or may not utilize divination tools such as pendulums
Trancer — One who goes into a trance.
Twisted — The temporary or permanent condition of a seer who has lost touch with reality as a result of psychic abilities. Spiritually insane. A seer who cannot discern between internal voices and external spiritual voices or messages. May be a temporary or permanent condition.
Vessel or Grail — Rarer than most other abilities. One who has abilities and whose abilities can be used by another or “worked through” or in conjunction with a grail keeper or worker.
Viber — Picks on general vibes and determines general situations. Most beginning seers are vibers. Includes “creepy feeling” and “hair up on the back of the neck”. Claircognizance: French for “clear knowing;” the phenomena when someone “just knows” something.
Weaver or Spider — Person who can change or alter energy patterns.
X-Ray Vision — X-ray Clairvoyance: Ability to read letters in envelopes and closed books
Yakker — Spirit Workers/Spiritualist-Ability to communicate with spirits and/or the deceased.


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