Walking with Spirits Series – Part 3

Walking With Spirits Series – Part 3

Can anyone be a Seer? This is an often asked question and deceptive in its simplicity. So to really answer this question, we need to first of all look at what a Seer is. A Seer has natural psychic abilities and/or trained psychic abilities that relate to obtaining consistent and reliable information either directly or passively.

This definition requires us to look deeper into that highly mysterious and often misused word “psychic” and especially in relationship to the term “supernatural”. I particularly like the word supernatural and it applies to so many more things than just the world beyond our senses. Super means greater and natural means a state that exists in nature. So, in fact, supernatural means a greater natural ability. This also means that a supernatural ability is a NATURAL one and not separate from nature or altered beyond nature. Therefore, when it is stated that psychic abilities are a supernatural ability, we need to remember that its very occurrence and existence is natural and normal.

Most Seers and psychics will concur that almost anyone can have some degree of psychic abilities and that they are a natural sense of human beings. A good analogy for psychic abilities is the ability to run.

Most people can run. Not everyone can run, though, but most can.
Some people can run fast. Not everyone, but some can.
Some can run really, really fast and become Olympic runners. Not everyone can, but some can.

BUT if someone never tries to run, or run fast, or run really, really fast, then (1) they will never know if they can run, (2) they will never how fast they can run, and (3) they will never know if they are capable of running in the Olympics.

Then again if some people never tries, then they can always pretend that they COULD be Olympic runners if they really wanted to without ever risking the possibility that they might not be so inclined. People do love their illusions of themselves. (This, however, goes into a discussion for another time. Lol.)

Now, back to the definition for Seer – A Seer has natural psychic abilities and/or trained psychic abilities that relate to obtaining consistent and reliable information either directly or passively.

Can anyone have the potential for psychic abilities? Yes.

Does everyone have consistent and reliable psychic abilities? No. Therefore, not everyone can be a Seer for a myriad of reasons and often by choice.

Note here that, as with other natural abilities, if we do not use them for long periods of time, the potential begins to deteriorate. If we choose not to run for very long periods of time, our “running” muscles will atrophy and if we suddenly decide to command our physical self to run in a state of atrophy, then we usually can only have an extremely short burst and incur a good deal of pain and shortness of breath.

Also, if after our exuberant childhood, we become someone who doesn’t like or want to run, we are also influenced by other factors such as aging, wear and tear on joints and muscles, other medical conditions as well as our confidence and desire to do so. Therefore, our potential then starts reducing our capacity for the fastest running. This does not mean that we won’t ever be able to run again, but failing to use our POTENTIAL for long periods of time does affect our ability when we then decide to manifest our potentiality.

With time and inertia, we have to RETRAIN and REGAIN our original ability and conditions before we can attempt to improve on becoming better than what we originally were.

I am not an Olympic runner. I have neither the constitution or the desire to be an Olympic runner and THAT IS OKAY. There is nothing wrong with that. Not everyone will be a Seer for just as many reasons as they may not be Olympic runners – physically, age, ambition, desire, other priorities – and THAT IS OKAY.

Sometimes I think we do ourselves a disservice when we white wash psychic abilities with a paintbrush of “equality”. Not everyone is a Seer or has the capacity or desire to be a Seer. Not everyone is an Olympic runner or has the capacity or desire to be one. This is one of the wonderful distinctions of our diversity.

In the pursuit of our spirituality, if everyone can contribute their specialty, then much more can be achieved. A Seer can tell the runner where to run to in order to acquire something and the runner can utilize their talent to acquire it and bring it back. Together, they accomplish something greater than either one alone could have.


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