Walking with Spirits Series – Part 5

We Don’t Need Any Meddlesome Seers Around Here? Oh, Really?

Having an ability that is different than most people changes a person. Growing up with such a distinction changes a person. Living with such a distinction and having to hide it in the face of society changes a person. By virtue of that one distinction alone, a person is automatically (whether they express it or hide it), altered from the normal course or life and development in “society”.

We may appear like we are just like everyone else, but we are not. It is similar to the plight of the homosexual in our society. It is inherently a part of who we are, but by virtue of that part, we have been segregated. Even in metaphysical and occult religions, we are often viewed as black sheep to be shied away from.

I have heard many comments referring to Seers, such as “meddlesome seers”, “go pretend you can see pictures in tea leaves”, “who are you to say that and play God,” or my personal favorite “Are you some kind of Tarot Reading Gypsy? This is my favorite because they say it with scorn and most have never even had a tarot reading. I am not sure they even realize what a compliment it is and the years of study involved to become a good reader. That is like scornfully pointing a finger and accusing someone of being a “Doctor” as if it were an insult.

The common focus is on the “bad seers”, the con men, the pretenders and the abusers. Start a discussion about Seers with non-Seers and usually the focus goes right towards the people who have misused their abilities or pretended to have abilities. Interestingly, there will be very, very few accounts of an actual personal experience, but rather an urban myth approach.

And, then quickly following comes in that people should just rely on themselves and not on Seers. How interesting? Do we not by nature group into groups so that our odds of survival and happiness increase? We marry, have friends, join camps, groups, coven, and families so that we don’t have to travel life alone, but if it comes to a Seer, then it’s somehow cheating in the game of life?

To them, I put this question. Let’s say, you have four friends and one is a doctor and you are all camping on a weekend. If you have a medical condition that is worrying you, to whom do you speak? Would speaking to your doctor friend be cheating or not relying upon yourself? Most people would speak to their doctor friend. Now take into account that the doctor has no medical tools or diagnostic equipment, and can’t give you an exact diagnosis. He only has his personal knowledge.

You still will speak to him anyway and he might say, “It could be this and it could be that” or “I wouldn’t worry about it being this so much, because that seems like a small possibility.” Suppose when you go back, you see your regular doctor and he runs the tests and says you definitely have it. How do you feel about your doctor friend? You say things like, “well, he’s my friend and tried to make me feel better, but he did get me to agree to go in for all the tests.”

If you were to speak to me and say that you had some dreams about financial concerns and nothing else and I use my personal knowledge and abilities and say, “Yes, I think you are definitely on track for a financial hit. I suggest you speak to your financial adviser and accountant about your positions when you get home and see if you are sufficiently protected. Maybe consider asking them for their opinion about setting up a trust to protect yourself. I can see that that might be a good option to lessen any upcoming blow.”

Both are cases of “advisors” with experience. These are not cases of dictators. You still have the freedom to do something or nothing with the advice that is given. However, in either case, you have more information to make such a judgment even if it is only an emotional decision.

So, both the friend doctor and the friend seer walks away, and you do what you decide to do, but what is the outcome? Great doctor friend? Meddlesome Seer? Both can do great good in the world, but both are not encouraged to do so.

And thus, when it comes to our abilities, most Seers are loners. We learned to manage our abilities alone. We learn to train or disconnect our abilities alone. We are usually left to our own devices on how to cope, recuperate, and live with the personal responsibility dilemmas alone.

But what most of us have learned is to keep our mouths shut even when we could make a difference. However, the winds of change are coming. Seers are coming together to speak about their abilities. Just to physically be acknowledged as not being the “only ones” is such a weight off of their souls.

In my mundane world, I have a lovely house and a lovely family. We are professionals and go about our lives as other professionals do. It is me and it isn’t me at the same time. I am still in there, but I wear a suit of clothing that the mundane will understand. However, there are a few times (usually at the occasional gathering), where I wear the clothing of my own choice and who I am on all levels are revealed to be accepted or rejected by any other. It is in those moments, that I can be what I am.


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