Walking with Spirits Series – Part 7

Seer Communications

In the mundane world, people have pretty clear cut definitions that they can follow. There is reality and there is the imaginary. They develop in life with an understanding of this and they have RELIABILITY of the physical around them. There are external noises and there is the internal mind chatter. What you see, you can usually touch. What you can touch, you can usually see. Smells can be traced to a source. It really is a lovely system of RELIABILITY.

Most Seers, however, do not get to enjoy that gift. It is something that is sacrificed simply by being what they are. From a young age, Seers develop without the matrix of that automatically assumed RELIABILITY that others enjoy.

We cannot always touch what we see. We cannot always see what we touch. There are external noises, internal chatter, dead dudes chattering, spiritual noises, etc. Things are seen that do not exist at this moment in time or that do not exist on the physical, yet they are as real to Seers as looking at a person on the mundane. Pages upon pages of information to read – some in the here and now, some on the physical, some of the future or past. It can, at times, be very confusing sorting out the normal flow of informational input in the mundane world, but for the Seer, that input can be magnified to extreme levels sometimes.

What makes an established Seer is that they have the experience to interpret what they see and have developed a SYSTEM OF DISCERNMENT that affords a level of reliability and consistency in conveying that information.

As with any communications, there is a process we undergo to express things to each other.

1. We have to turn our Attention to see what the item is. (Looking in that direction.)
2. Then, we attempt to gather information regarding the item (Identifying size, shape, configuration, texture, etc.)
3. Next, we have to figure out what it means in our own personal terms. (I have seen rocks that look like that item).
4. Lastly, we have to find a method of translating our understanding of what we see to the other person in a method that they will understand. (This looks like one of the rocks behind your Grandmother’s house.)

Anyone may have the first three parts of communicating something down pat, but if they cannot translate it into an understanding of the listener, then there is a breakdown in communication. In regular social interactions, breakdowns can occur at any of these phases. These same principles apply to communications regarding spiritual sight as well.

Therefore, due to being earthbound spirits and influenced also by forces and understandings outside of ourselves, I feel confident in stating: NO SEER IS INFALLIABLE. NO SEER IS 100% COMPLETELY AND FULLY ACCURATE 100% OF THE TIME.

AND THAT IS OKAY. No person on the earth can guarantee that they can communicate 100% comprehension of something to another person. Too much depends on too many variables, including those within and without ourselves. Neither is a doctor, accountant, lawyer or any other earthbound or manifested person perfect. Some will have a higher degree of proficiency in their abilities and training and that is the goal – INCREASING YOUR PROFICIENCY TO A REASONABLE LEVEL OF RELIABILITY AND CONSISTENCY. Not perfection.

It is folly to expect such perfection from another person as to be willing to completely surrender your own ability of discernment to their opinion, will, or influence.

A good, established Seer is a person of wise counsel. They are supposed to help you think of options and paths of which you may not have been aware or to which you may not have given appropriate attention. THAT’S IT. They are not automatically by their counsel another’s mother, father, priest, god/dess, or anything else someone might want them to be. The words of a Seer are best taken as wise counsel so that YOU can make wise decisions. However, regardless of how anyone else wants to wrap it, if you based your decisions and choices on your path in life solely on something someone else has said, then you have CHOSEN to do so.

What if someone says they are a Seer, but their advice doesn’t seem right? Could be many factors. (1) A breakdown in the communication phases, (2) Deniability (you just don’t want to believe/know something), (3) the Seer’s inaccurate interpretation of something, (4) the Seer crosses wires with information for someone else, (5) someone presenting as a Seer without the ability, experience or training, or it could be some other reason. Sometimes, things just take time to be fully revealed or realized.

Sometimes, we hear of Seers pushing themselves on others. You ALWAYS have the right to say, “No, thank you for that,” and WALK AWAY. If they insist, then you insist. It’s that simple. Please keep something in mind though. They don’t always do this because they are crazy or rude. SOMETIMES, spirits are whacking them on the back of the head or shoving them or pressuring them to speak to someone. For these types of Seers, if they at least try, then the spirits will usually back off.

Experienced and established Seers will usually say something along the lines that they have a message and you might want to come speak with them. It is RARE that an established Seer will insist, but sometimes they will because it is important. However, you ALWAYS can say, “No, thank you for that,” and WALK AWAY.

And, SOMETIMES, it really is a crazy person who just wants attention and you might want to consider running away.


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