Walking with Spirits Series – Part 10

The Proper Care and Feeding of Your New Seer, cont.

NEGS AND NEGATIVE VISIONS – Almost every seer at some point will have a negative vision or interpretation. That can be frightening at times. However, it is important to remember that sometimes visions are symbolic. If the tower card represents destruction in the house for a seer, then a vision or dream of a burning castle might mean a broken appliance and not exactly a burning house fire. First, that when dealing with symbolism, not all things are exactly what they appear to be on the surface. The ability to interpret symbolism takes time and patience.

The number one thing to help with negative visions is prayer. Staying connected with the higher powers reminds us that all events (positive or negative) have a function in life and in spirituality. Remember the balance of all things and if it is in the will of the gods (or higher spiritual being) that these things should or should not take place, then it will be so.

Remind seers in training, not to take every little symbol as a literal inevitability. Contrary to some popular theory, not everything that is seen is inevitable. Sometimes, visions and knowledge are given so that you can change the outcome or alter the severity of the impact. Some things are inevitable, but not everything. For example, if I see that something unacceptable is going to occur if I stay around a group of people, then I might have the ability to remove myself from that group or situation until I see that the energy patterns change or the time of the occurrence has passed. Sometimes there is a price to pay for doing something like that, but sometimes the price is worth the cost of disassociating a future event.

It is also important to reinforce that just because someone is in the way of knowing or seeing something does NOT make them responsible for those events. One should not feel guilty or learn not to feel guilty for having a vision. If it is a result of something you have or will cause, then be responsible and do what you can to mitigate the outcome.

REMEMBER THAT POSITIVE FEELINGS AND VISIONS ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT AS NEGATIVE ONES. Sometimes seers will only speak when it is something negative because it’s “really important”. Positive is just as important. Plus, it keeps you from looking like the Harbinger of Doom and people will still want to talk to you.

Negs (people who only have negative visions and sensations) can be extremely difficult for a group or HP/S to deal with. It is a MYTH that only negative people have only negative visions. Negs are not, by nature, bad or deceitful. They do not have a “guilty” mind or soul. It is only because that is how their receptors work. Just because a TV only gets reception of war news does not mean that it is an evil TV set. The TV set is what it is and nothing more. Probably could use some work on getting better stations, but it still is a TV.

When dealing with Negs, there are a few things to keep in mind:

(1) Negs live with what they see/feel before it happens. They spend time waiting for it to happen. They experience it when it happens as everyone else does. And THEN they get to spend time beating themselves up wondering if there was anything they could have done about it. It is a very difficult ability and Negs actually require more support to overcome the impacts on their emotions and confidence. Oftentimes, they feel like victims to their abilities.

(2) Negs should be HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to expand their abilities to incorporate positivity as much as possible. For some, it will take a great deal of hard work, but it is worth it to have a more balance approach to life.

(3) Serious grounding techniques can lessen the impact of the input. There are also other methods to lessen input that can be applied, such as hematite or increasing red meat consumption. Other seers can usually assist in locating dampening agents and items in difficult cases.

(4) If being a Neg becomes so highly detrimental to someone’s life and the need is great for the ability to be shut down/removed, it is possible with an advanced or master Seer that is trained in such techniques. However, anyone not experienced with this should not attempt to do this. Abilities are gifts from the Goddess and are not to be tossed away or fiddled with unless under the direst of circumstance. Inappropriately performed, it can also actually have the reverse effect and intensify the situation. It can also cause harm to the person attempting it, so it is highly recommended that it only be performed by someone trained in those techniques.

To be continued….



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