Embracing Magick Series – Part 4

    Magick is in the Eye of the Beholder

Young Johnny had been studying paganism and going to gatherings for several years and was fascinated about Magick. He heard many stories, but had yet to actually witness something he would qualify as “magickal”. Therefore, he decided to run an experiment so that he could prove to himself whether or not Magick actually existed. He thought long and hard about what type of experiment to run and decided that the perfect experiment would be having someone actually moving something by Magickal means.

He realized that in order to perform his experiment, however, he would have to first locate someone to be his test subject. He began asking around the community who the best person for his experiment would be and practically everyone said that if he wanted to see real Magick, he should go speak to Old Mabel. This he did and to his surprise Old Mabel agreed to be perform Magick for him.

On the day of the test, he set up a table and gathering a pile of leaves and set them on the table. He decided to go with leaves, because Old Mabel was rather old and he didn’t want to make it too hard for her.

He brought her in and sat her at the table and explained what he wanted and Old Mabel said sure I can do that. He set up his camera and got out his pad and pencil and as he told her to proceed and a gust of wind blew the leaves off the table. Young Johnny apologized and gathered up the leaves again and put them back on the tables, but every time he put them back on, the wind blew them off again.

After 13 tries at beginning his experiment, Young Johnny got really frustrated and started cursing. He then told Old Mabel that the conditions made the experiment impossible. He thanked her for coming, however, and Old Mabel got up and left.

Young Johnny was angry and began to realize that he had spent all this time studying and searching for just one validation for real Magick, but he finally accepted that because he never had, it just didn’t exist and that is why there was no proof to it.

Old Mabel went back to her friends and they asked about the experiment. She smiled widely and said it went wonderfully! However, she was not sure that Young Johnny would agree. When her friends asked her why, she explained that she called the wind 13 times to move the leaves, but he just got upset and said that he couldn’t prove that there was Magick.

Her friends then asked if she explained to him that the wind was her Magick. And Old Mabel said, “Ain’t my job to force someone to accept the obvious.”

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