FPG 2010 Beltaine Gossip Report – Part 3


Aryel, the Herald, did a magnificent job inspiring and organizing so many tribes and individuals to participate in the Scavenger Hunt. It appeared though that since it began around high noon, participation was a little less than I had expected, but a truly jolly time was had by all.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Aryel had asked for volunteers for the riddling and the Secret Riddler was your very own Mead Muse. Happily, I also complied with Aryel’s request for my assistance in the hunt itself as the Riddle Muse and had a marvelous time watching the participants scattering about.

The riddles led the participants to the tribe/person and to the “secret password”. If presented correctly to the right group, they were then challenged with a truth or dare. Initially several thought the truth part was going to go faster, but they quickly found that the dares were more fun and actually faster. They then began to embrace variations of the Chicken Dance and Time Warp dance and a merry time was had by all.

Thank, Aryel! Good job and lots of fun!


Unfortunately, I have yet to locate the book with the entries. However, I will have to say that the sampling process was perilous and although several other people indicated that they would face the peril in my place, I knew that I had to face the peril! Off the top of my head, I will say that the experience was amazing. I also confess that I had commandeered a few other tasters who sampled every batch with me so that a good overall opinion was formed on each.

However, just in case the tent brownies have eaten my book, I would like to make a few preliminary comments.

John’s mead OBVIOUSLY had the highest content in a home brew mead that I have encountered. He has really cornered the market on alcohol content! If any of you ran into my husband after we left the PBB, then you will have some idea that it runs somewhere between 22 and 24 proofs. He still smacks his lips whenever I mention this mead!

The DFT is to be admired for a consistent full-bodied mead year after year. It becomes readily apparent that they have invested much research into the processes. The honey mead has a stunning color and a full-bodied, heady flavor. The pomegranate is a lighter fruity version with an excellent flavor. Rumor has it that one of the DFT may be considering a mead workshop for Samhian, but don’t let anyone know I told you that! If they do, then I would highly recommend anyone attendance by anyone interested in the mead brewing process or those who are admirers such as myself.

Another truly outstanding full-bodied, spiced mead was that of the Druidess Realm. At first sip, I was transported to visions of Samhain. It was exquisitely spiced during the brewing process, which promotes a deeper more mature flavor than mulled meads do. It is a particular favorite of the ladies and, although I suspected that there may have a little bit of female aphrodisiac thrown into it, Dru would not admit to it and simply giggled.

The majority of the other meads were light and fruity meads, such as Nims, and beckoned me with thoughts of Sunday afternoon brunches and memories of mimosas past. As a consequence, I believe I have come across a stellar new mead drink which we will have to experiment with at Samhain – THE MEAD MIMOSA. I think we will start with an even mixture of mead and champagne and see what happens! Hopefully, I will be able to find SOMEONE to volunteer to sample this new concoction.

Then, of course, we will have to invent the name. Perhaps, Witches Mimosas? Hmmm.


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