Into the Mundane ~ Part 1

I have been doing a little journey into the mundane just to try out that “shoe on the other foot”. Well, it’s actually been quite an interesting journey. After all, if spiritual principles work on spiritual matters and we follow the precepts of “As above, so below. As within, so without,” then they should apply to the mundane, right? However, I think the question of walking in the mundane is more of a question of how to apply principles. For example, in the Craft, we usually strive for the most potent reaction with the minimal amount of energy expended which allows up us perform greater works of magick than if we just used the “average push”. Pushing in just the right spot will make something work better, faster, more efficiently. So this should also work in the mundane IF we can find the “right spot.”

The further you are trained and experienced, you have to become accustomed to a gentle touch. In the beginning, you may have had to dance deosil for a few hours to get any reaction and then one day, you realize that a focused thought is all that is required for the same action. Anything more than that sometimes, is overkill and, yes, can actually cause detrimental results for something that was intended to be positive.

As some of you may know, I was always considered a “zebra” in a world of horses and that description also seems to apply to the pagan community as well. However, the pagan community tends to be far more accepting of the unusual and I have made that world my world and have lived on the fringes of the mundane instead. In the mundane previously, I have tried to walk in two separate worlds and kept both parts of my life separated. Thus, it occurs to me that the great new adventure is walking back into the mundane as Merlin returned to Camelot and many others have returned from the “faery” realms. The only way to do that is to jump in completely.

After all, we all strive to reclaim our magickal heritages, but what do we do with them? We dream of a world where magick is returned to the land and to the people ~ and not just for the pagan people. But how can it be done, if we covet our small reclamations to ourselves, even hide them from each other, and never take them out of a gathering?

Instead of having two lives (as most of us do), maybe it’s time for us to begin merging them together and bring magick back to the land. Thus, I consider the possibility and, thus, I am making the journey. Will I be struck down? Possibly. Will I be shunned? Possibly. Will I “fit in”? Probably not, but if you really think about it, do you think Merlin was every really considered one of the “guys”? Then why should I think I should be treated any differently? I don’t and I have no intention of allowing my lower self to engage in any of that fodder. I am just going to do my “service” in the mundane as I have in the spiritual realms. But just as Merlin brought back something into the world, I wonder if it is within me to do the same on some scale and what will be the result.


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