Welcome to the Dark Side ~ Part 2

Elitism in the Craft and the Pagan Community ~

Someone asked me if the Craft and Pagan Community were elitist and my response was, “Of Course!  It’s supposed to be.”  It’s not politically correct to say so, but it is the truth.

One of the more difficult aspects of walking the Path is to separate mundane theology and social trends from our beliefs.  In reclaiming our heritages, we need to spend the time to examine the sources of our current beliefs and thoughts without just accepting them at face value.

We are a nature based religion.  We are not a society based religion.  Although we do attempt to function within the mundane societal structure, it is important not to automatically absorb its dictates as truths.  Society through many, many years of interjection by a variety of concepts and beliefs (primarily Christian based theology) that have been incorporated into the mores of the Mundane.  Even many of the Christian faiths, while propounding that all men are equal, have structures in which some people are more “equal” than others and are elitist the moment they have a priest or preacher by whatever name.  However, I think our focus at the moment needs to be on obtaining clear definitions of certain terms and the first is our understanding of equality.

One of the proponents of the mundane is that all people are “created” equal.  While this may be our “goal” in terms of certain rights and opportunities available to people in our society, it does not apply to the definition PEOPLE themselves or to our religion.  The time when we are all closest to equal is during our “Creation” or in the womb.  Almost everyone has the same environment (almost because even in the womb, there are genetic, environmental, and spiritual factors that are delineating us already).  But, for the purposes of our discussion, let’s just say that everyone is “equal” in the womb.  You have the same opportunity to grow as anyone else and are given exactly the same general biological development map as everyone else.

HOWEVER equal it may seem at that time, the minute you stick your head out, you become unequal to every other developing person.    One person may be born in a hospital and another in the toilet of bathroom.  One will fall into the hands of loving parents and another will be abandoned.  One child will learn spiritual, social, and survival skills from his or her parents.  Another will have to try to fend for themselves and sort it out over a lifetime.  

AT THE MOMENT OUR EXPERIENCES DIVERT, WE ARE NO LONGER EQUAL.  WE ARE NO LONGER THE SAME.   Our environment begins to affect us and change us and make us even more different and individual from each other.

Beyond the mundane manifestation, there are also young souls, old souls, and ancient souls within those bodies.  No one would expect a baby to be as advanced as an adult.  No one would give a three year old the keys to a car and expect them to have the same diligence as a 40 year old.  It’s not equal.  It cannot be equal.  To some it might appear to be “Not Fair.”  To be equal would mean to be against our own survival.

Are there some people with more experience and talents then others?  Yes.  It’s a fact and it is elitism.  In the world of athletes, the Olympian champion runner is elite to the daily runner. AND THAT’S OKAY!  The Olympian may be the inspiration that got Joe Blow off his couch to run. 

THE ELITE ARE SUPPOSED TO INSPIRE OTHERS TO ASPIRE HIGHER.  The focus of the Elite is the Hermit card.  While, at times, the elite must stand alone and be a guide for others.  There is a reason the Emperor and Hierophant cards come before the Hermit.  The soul must learn to rule and teach wisely and overcome arrogance to become the shining light to others.  The difficulty does not come from the concepts of elitism itself.  It comes from arrogance. 


Arrogance is the demon.  The dark lord of our essence.  It rules the mundane manifestation and no one can avoid it or hide from it.  The minute you get rid of arrogance and throw it out of your house and you celebrate, you open a small crack for it to come back in.  It is the true testing ground of the faithful and you must be ever diligent in dealing with it.

Arrogance is in the reverse of the Emperor and Hierophant cards.  It is what one must avoid and overcome on our path to the Hermit card. 

NO ONE IS IMMUNE TO ARROGANCE if they are manifested into the mundane.  It is part of the obstacle course for our souls to train in. 

The important part is to learn the lessons from traversing those obstacles.  If you are standing on an obstacle in the middle of the course pronouncing how great you are, someone will be happy to remind you to stop crowing and that you haven’t finished the course.  Crow loud enough to annoy others on the obstacle course and you just might find that the others will push you off so you will stop distracting others who are working so hard to get through it.

 Brightest of Blessings to all and remember that it’s okay to strive to be elitist, but avoid arrogance!

Elite (Elitism):   

Definition of ELITE – http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/elite?show=0&t=1290694262

1) — (a) singular or plural in construction : the choice part : cream <the elite of the entertainment world>

— (b) singular or plural in construction : the best of a class <superachievers who dominate the computer elite — Marilyn Chase>

— (c) singular or plural in construction : the socially superior part of society <how the French-speaking elite…was changing — Economist>

— (d) a group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence <members of the ruling elite> e : a member of such an elite —usually used in plural <the elites … , pursuing their studies in Europe — Robert Wernick>

2) a typewriter type providing 12 characters to the linear inch

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  1. Awesome, thank you! Again, I must share your wisdom with students because you explain this issue so beautifully! Thank you!

  2. Nice.

    It’s good to see an article that recognized the positive power of being and recognizing the elite.

    You recognize the challenge of juggling our emotional Arrogances and Prides toward Healthy Confidence on a constant basis… How do you propose one does so? Should I pick this up and run with it? Maybe we could start a back and forth challenge/support series around healthy acceptance and utilization of “social power.”

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