White Willow Bark – The Original Aspirin

Hippocrates (400 B.C.) advised his patients to chew on willow bark to reduce fever and inflammation.

White willow bark was popular in the 1800’s and a German Company called Bayer decided to research it’s properties and came up with a synthetic derivative called acetylsalicylic acid now known as Aspirin.

The main differences between the aspirin and white willow bark are: (1) white willow bark tea tends to cause less stomach irritations and reactions (2) aspirin provides an exact dosage of acetylsalicylic acid while the dosge in white willow bark may fluctate on a variety of factors such as season of harvest and other environmental factors (weather, tree health condition, etc.)

White willows are native to Europe and parts of Asia. I have seen white willows introduced here in the United States. The name comes from the whitish tone underneath the leaves.

IMPORTANT: All the restrictions, warnings, and side effects are applicable to White Willow Bark.

Children and Teenagers should not take White Willow Bark since aspirin as caused something called Reyes Syndrome after or during certain viruses (such as chicken pox, or influenza), which is a very serious illness and medical condition.

REMEMBER ALWAYS STUDY HERBS AND REMEDIES CAREFULLY BEFORE UTILIZING THEM and although we all love natural rememdies, etc., don’t be an idiot and go to the doctor when you need to.

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