What’s Bugging Me About Periomenopause

1. Assumptions that any concerns, issues, or dislikes are a product of some hormonal issue when I know perfectly well that some people are assholes way before now. My hormonal situation has nothing to do with them being an asshole now. I’m just more likely to tell them to shut up because I don’t feel like I have the energy, time, or effort required to placate assholes. Just don’t want to waste time on the obvious.

2. Constant comments in articles that women have an issue with no longer having or rather being able to have children. Trust me. At my age, I’m done. I already have five children and to automatically assume that any concerns are based on my ability to not have any more is ridiculous. My concern is vitality and how it is going to affect my spirituality and my magickal abilities.

3. Symptom charts over and over again. They read like the zombie apocalypse and it’s enough to scare the beezeebees out of anyone just to look at it.

4. Minimalistic approaches to managing perimenopause such as listing five things (without dosing suggestions) and emphatically stating that it may or may not work.

5. Recommendations to take up yoga when all the local classes are geared toward younger women who can bend over backwards, touch their toes, and lick their own butt before they even have to stretch.

6. Creams. Why is my life turning into creams. Creams to keep my face and skin moist. Progesterone cream. Medical creams for joint pains. Regular aspirin creams for general joint pains. Sometimes I feel like just sitting in a tub and just dumping all the creams in there and rolling around. Remember powders? I remember powders. I loved powder because of the silky feel, now it just dries out my skin even more. Perhaps, perimenopause really means saying goodbye to powder. Maybe that’s what really bothers us about it.

7. Pills. Just the sheer number of pills at my age SO FAR. As if the prescriptions weren’t enough and expensive enough, then there are the supplements which are sometimes even more expensive than the prescriptions.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the explanation. #1 is very very common, from what I’ve heard from other women who went through the same thing. And frankly, I love it. I love seeing women who are older than I am, who have more nerve than I do, saying EXACTLY what is on their mind. Keep it up!

    And hey, don’t let the average yoga demographic keep you from doing yoga. It really depends on the class. And there are always DVDs.

  2. You are reading my mind.

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