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Seer Slang

You can find a lot of technical names for what Seers are or do, but there are slang terms we prefer to use amongst ourselves rather than using words with 15 syllables in them. A quick note should be made that Seers usually cannot be classified as having only one ability, but may be referred to by their strongest abilities (if they wish for it to be known. Lol)

Amp — Person who can amplify abilities in another person
Anchor — Person who guides/controls/guards a medium or other trance worker. Should have the ability to retrieve the medium from a trance state and control unwanted manifestation.
Apparition — Any type of spiritual manifestation into the physical. May be full or partial. May be solid or see through.
Astro — Astrologer.
Avalon or Avalonic Records — Besides a location in myth, also a library of Celtic knowledge – similar to akashic records library. Created by “Shining Ones”
Between Worlds — Waking trance state where the person can be involved in a conversation or other activity while in a trance state and receptive.
Blasting — Overwhelming a seers receptors
Bleeder, Leech, or Vamp — Someone who leeches energy from another person. Vampiric activity.
Blocking — See also jamming. Preventing reception from reaching a Seer.
Chaos Worker — Someone who creates chaos in their environment usually to heighten kinetic energy in the atmosphere.
Concurrent or Concurrency — Perception of events as they occur or within one hour prior to or after events.
Count or Numbers Man — Numerologists
Dead Dudes — Ghosts of people
Deep — Very deep trance or state or focus. Also, a state in which one might not be able to return such as “in the deep”
Diviner — One who uses divination tools to acquire information regarding the past, present or future.
Doolittle — One who communicates with animals, either extinct or existing.
Dowser — One who uses a divining rod to locate objects, places, or people
Dreamer — May dream of past, present or future events and some have the ability to work within those dreams to assist others. May also have the ability to enter into dreams of others.
Dreamscape — Place where people can meet in their dreams. Dream convergence. Different than subconscious dreaming. Group dreaming.
Ear — Clairaudience – Ability to hear beyond ordinary means or hearing spiritual voices.
Empath — Feels emotions of others either past, present or future.
Energy Workers — Ability to perceive energy patterns in people and/or and some have the ability to adjust those energy patterns.
Ethernet — Energy and spiritual planes from which Seers access information
Eye — Ability to remotely view places, events or people. Traveling Clairvoyance: Now called remote viewing.
Grail Keeper or Grail Worker — One who works in conjunction with a Vessel and who can guide or utilize the Vessel’s abilities.
Guardians — People and spirits who guard and protect Seers. Guardians may or may not have Seer abilities themselves.
Halo — Ability to read auras
Head to Head — Two seers trying to jam or block each other at the same time.
Hummer — Ability to hear ethereal or other types of music.
Indigo Children — Certain children born after the late 1970s that are believed to be a higher stage of evolution. They typically have increased empathy, creativity and psychic abilities, but are not compliant with authority figures and are always unconventional. These children can present with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Autism and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. (OCD)
Jamming — Blocking a seers receptors or interfering with their reception
Librarians — Spiritual guardians in the Akashic plane who permit or prevent access to records.
Library — Akashic records in which events and information has been stored and can be accessed.
Memory Keepers — Sees past lives or events and often uses those past experiences to guide others.
Mover — Can move objects without use of ordinary means
Negs or Negatives — Usually only sees negative, violent, or tumultuous events or energies. Or a temporary state such as “in the neg”.
Prober — One who has the ability to invade another person (with or without permission) and can forcibly retrieve information.
Prophet — Foresees certain events, usually widespread events and rarely individual events. Often foresees events that have significant social impact. Precognitive Clairvoyance: Also called prevision; quite literally seeing the future.
Pusher — Can push or implant thoughts, emotions, visions, or motivations into another person.
Reader — Accurately reads and understands reading forms of divination such as tarot cards, I Ching, or runes.
Running Blind — A Seer who cannot see. Usually a temporary condition either caused by a convergence of fate which a Seer might try to alter, a karmic event in which a seer must learn their own lessons, or the state of being blocked or bound by outside forces preventing the Seer from seeing.
Scanner — One who has the ability to “scan” a person or environment and retrieve information on the status or energy pattern.
Scribe — One who does automatic writing, drawing, typing, etc.
Scryer — Reads signs, usually environmental signs and omens, such as fire gazing, cloud reading, bird movements, etc.
Sniffer — Ability to smell beyond ordinary means or receives spiritual smells. Clairolefactor: French for “clear smelling;” the ability to literally smell scents that are associated with spirits or past experiences, scents being experienced over long distances, etc.
Spirit Workers — Yakker – Ability to communicate with spirits and/or the deceased
Spotter or Bombay — Can determine health conditions in people or future health conditions. May or may not be a healer, but will often work with healers. Medical Clairvoyance: The ability to psychically diagnose diseases.
Swinger — One who uses a pendulum
Taster — Clairhambience: French for “clear tasting;” the ability to literally taste foods being eaten by someone else.
Telepath — Mind reader
Touchy Feely — Psychometry, one who can sense by touching objects. Also, Clairkinesthesia: Also called bio-perception; French for “clear touching;” the ability to literally feel physical contact with discarnate entities, experience physical sensations of someone else, etc.
Tracker — Trackers can find objects or people. May or may not utilize divination tools such as pendulums
Trancer — One who goes into a trance.
Twisted — The temporary or permanent condition of a seer who has lost touch with reality as a result of psychic abilities. Spiritually insane. A seer who cannot discern between internal voices and external spiritual voices or messages. May be a temporary or permanent condition.
Vessel or Grail — Rarer than most other abilities. One who has abilities and whose abilities can be used by another or “worked through” or in conjunction with a grail keeper or worker.
Viber — Picks on general vibes and determines general situations. Most beginning seers are vibers. Includes “creepy feeling” and “hair up on the back of the neck”. Claircognizance: French for “clear knowing;” the phenomena when someone “just knows” something.
Weaver or Spider — Person who can change or alter energy patterns.
X-Ray Vision — X-ray Clairvoyance: Ability to read letters in envelopes and closed books
Yakker — Spirit Workers/Spiritualist-Ability to communicate with spirits and/or the deceased.

Seer Levels – Qualified, Master, Teaching, and Elder Seers

Everyone has some abilities and you often hear of the occassional dream or visitation. However, that does not necessarily make someone a seer, per se. The major of seers who have strong abilities know that they have them and have acquired them either naturally or by training. There are also different levels of seers.

In my opinion (and everyone has and is entitled to their own), I think to be a “qualified” seer, you should (1) have experiences on a regular basis, (2) have an accuracy of 75% or better on your interpretations of those experiences, (3) have a working understanding of your ability.

A “master seer” is one who is (1) a “qualified” seer and (2) has control over their abilities (as opposed to waiting for it to happen, they can induce the ability or experiences), and (3) has a 90% or better accuracy of their interpretations.

A “teaching” or “elder” seer is one who (1) is a master seer, (2) can identify types and levels of abilities in others, and (3) has the ability to train others with abilities to an accuracy of 75% and to the level of a “qualified” seer. They usually have a high level of training and experiences for many years (usually decades).

Seers – Scanning, Discernment, Probing, and Pushing

Seers, generally, but not all, have a tendency to keep a psychic ear open to the environment around them. It is described in many ways, such as “scoping for signs”, “observing energy patterns”, etc. The active practice of this is called SCANNING. It is as if you are using psychic fingers to gently touch things around you for a general impression.

Scanning is a critical function for adept Seers. It is not invasive and can be a critical forewarning of events or situations for Seers. If, for example, a Seer has a message for someone, then as they are approaching that person, they often will be scanning to see if that person is at all receptive to such a message being delivered by a Seer. Some people can react very negatively and sometimes violently to even the mere thought of a spiritual message. Therefore, scanning can be a necessary survival skill for a Seer and help them to avoid painful repercussions that may occur.

Additionally, scanning helps to determine the current mood for receptivity. On a mundane level of scanning, if you walk into a room and the person the Seers wishes to speak to is busy speaking to five other people, it is probably not the time to impart any messages.

Scanning provides us with basic information from which we can exercise DISCERNMENT. Discernment is the ability to determine when, if, and how to deliver a message or gift. Walking up to a stranger and saying, “I have a spiritual message for you,” seldom goes over well. Sometimes, it takes days to deliver a message or gift. Sometimes it takes minutes. The ability to discern the proper delivery of information and gifts is as important as having the Sight. An improperly delivered or ill-timed message or gift can prove to be more harmful than a failed delivery and the practice of discernment helps us to use the abilities that have been given to us for the highest good.

PROBING is an invasive form of scanning. It is actually going into someone (with or without their permission) to retrieve information, message, or vision. Probing can be a useful tool for people who are trying to overcome a severe denial issue or have some type of blockage that they wish to remove or work on. Probing for personal reasons is a misuse of abilities. Usually, inappropriate probing is not a conscious act, but Seers should make a point of consciously using and controlling their abilities and not be led by the subconscious. More often than not, the Seer that misuses probing has control issues and needs to work on their feelings of security and self-worth so that they do not feel like they have to “have one up on others” to feel in control.

Probing another Seer is incredibly rude. It happens a lot and it is very annoying. It is like a kid throwing a baseball at Babe Ruth over and over again trying to hit him in the head. Inappropriate probing can get you in trouble. I am usually patient with people who trying probing because I prefer to think that they are untrained or have issues, but it still does not make it any less rude. However, they should also be aware that intensely attempting to probe someone also makes them vulnerable and they could get a painful spiritual slap from someone. Babe Ruth just might chuck a fast ball back at them. lol!

How do you know you are being probed without consent? Not everyone can tell. Some of the feelings are (but not limited to any one or combination) feelings of pressure especially in the back of the head or forehead or nausea. A common method used by developing probers is that they will stare very intently at the object they are trying to probe in order to focus. While staring, though, they do not seem to actually be looking at the person or hearing what they are saying. Ask them a question. See if they respond. If they murmur or blow you off and there is no other reason for the staring (such as you are really, really hot or they are having a vision), then you might want to shield up if you don’t want to be probed. If in doubt and you don’t want that sort of contact, shield. Brick walls are pretty good for that. If they snap out of it as soon as you shield, then they were most likely probing. This part is important – TELL THEM THAT PROBING WITHOUT PERMISSION IS RUDE. Like I said, some people don’t even realize they are doing it and they need to become aware of it before they become spiritually slapped by an elder or adept.

PUSHING is another invasive activity, but the person who is a pusher does not necessarily have to be a Seer. Pushing is putting thoughts, visions, emotions, motivations, or ideas into another person or group of people. Like with probing, pushing is a double edged sword. It can be a very beneficial healing tool. Contentment, happiness, self-worth, joy, etc. can be pushed into the person who is depressed or under some type of psychic or emotional distress. It can be used to defuse a volatile situation. This is different than changing the energy patterns in an environment. Pushing is actually putting thoughts into another person.

An example of pushing for the higher good. You are in a pub and everything is wonderful and everyone is having fun. A drunk man walks in and over the course of about ten minutes, the whole atmosphere changes and becomes volatile and hostile. People start fighting with each other and getting snippy. The drunk man just sits there quietly talking to a few people, but seems to increase in his merriment and become giddy, the more other people become agitated. After fully scanning the situation, you realize that he is (whether on purpose or through his drunkenness) chaos working. The pusher might then push sleepiness and the desire to go home into him He leave and then everything returnsto the previous state of having fun.

Is this a violation to push the drunk man to go home? Perhaps, but when so many other people are being negatively affected, it is a matter of discernment for the higher good.

Do all pushers only push for the higher good? No. Can you protect yourself? Yeah. Similar to hypnotism, you cannot be made to do something that is against you nature and you need to believe that. You have to be willing to be hypnotized and, to a degree, you also have to be open and willing to being pushed. If you feel that you are being pushed, then shield and stay focused on what you are doing. If you were talking about ships, then focus yourself on continuing to talk about ships while shielding.

Brightest Blessings


Of Truths and Choices

There is truth. There are the choices we make. Sometimes our choices do not embrace the truth of our souls, and this is as it needs to be at times. Obligations and responsibilities sometimes outweigh the necessity to act upon a truth. However, it does not change a truth. It is when we pretend that our choices are the truth instead of being proactive or reactive to the truth, then we enter into a state of disillusionment and denial. A truth is a truth. An action about or in relation to a truth is merely an action. Games, denial, embracement, hesitation, fighting, committing, avoiding, lying, cheating, faithfulness are actions and reactions to a truth – not a self-contained truth in the action alone. Neither does the action alter, change, demean, or empower the truth that is being acted upon.

The love of two spirits is what it is. One or both may choose to act upon it or not. Sometimes one may choose to repel the other for a variety of reasons including other commitments, responsibilities, visions of outcomes, and an infinitum of fear based issues that may prevent someone from acting on the truth of the spirit connection.

Sometimes, it happens with toxic children, parents or friends as well. Their actions or misactions do not alter the soul connection; however, we all retain the choice to act or not act on that connection. Yet, even if someone should choose to walk away from toxicity, it does not alter the truth of a soul connection. However, when people, situations, or events present themselves as being destructive of the positive growth and development of another, we should not feel obligation to embrace or support such misactions. If our measure of dealing with such things is eventually to walk away or to promote distance until productive activities resume, the truth still remains.

The Craft offers us comfort in these situations. We believe that we will return again with those whom we have soul connections. Though the partings may be difficult now, we accept that because of current life incarnation and personalities, we may not be able to actively pursue those connections. To us, no parting is forever and we find comfort in the fact that there may be another time or life in which our incarnations are harmonious and we can then pursue those connections.

It is important, though, to look beyond the choices and remember the truths.

Brightest of Blessings,

Mead Muse

Invocation – Shpongle

Inspiration – Law of Attraction

Yesterday My Life Was Supposed to Change Forever

Yesterday My Life Was Supposed to Change Forever

I was supposed to get into a severe car accident yesterday. A large delivery truck of some type was supposed to hit me in my car. It wasn’t going to be my fault at all and everyone who witnessed the accident would tell about how much the truck driver was at fault. Others would have been amazed that anyone would survive such an accident.

My leg broken, my knee injured, and back surgery required. I would have had multiple stitches and bruises and the pain would have been immense. The back injury would require full open surgery and I would be placed in some type of body cast for many months. They will tell me that it will usually take six months to mostly recover, but because of the extensive injuries, I should expect it to take nine months to a year of intensive rehabilitation.

My husband, children and mother will cry. They wouldn’t know for sure if I would even survive for a few days and then later, they would have to endure my recuperation and inability to function. They would eventually become depressed and lash out in anger at me, not because I did this to them, but simply because it happened to me and they have no choice except to deal with it. Later in life, they would reflect and feel guilty even though I would tell them that I always understood and it is alright.

However, as is Her way, from the ashes would rise a new opportunity and a better life for my family and children. The truck driver will have been a driver for a national company that has deep insurance pockets. They would attempt to settle for a large sum of money out of court so that to preserve their brand name with the upmost integrity.

We would have accepted the money. Our children would have had opportunities they never would have had otherwise. Four of the five will become professionals and their families never would have had to worry about financial security. My husband and I would have bought an RV and tried to travel when I was not in too much pain. We would never have had to worry about retirement again.

I would have spent the rest of my life in pain. Sometimes so unbearable that even the best pain medication would not help. I would become addicted to pain pill although I try my best to keep switching to avoid it until one day, I say screw it and take whatever narcotics and opiates the doctor gives to me. I would convince my husband to take a second side-wife because being intimate would be too painful. He will feel conflicted because he would develop deep feelings for the other wife as well as for me.

For a few years, I would be able to continue to work in circles and then have to step aside and only attend worship circles. I would write many books, but be limited in lectures and conversations with people. I would get lost between the worlds and become reclusive.

My children would go off and start doing most things without me there and come to automatically make plans and arrangements that don’t include me because they don’t want to upset me by telling me about things I cannot do or attend. They would still spend time with me, but it would be different as I tire easily.

I decided to stay home yesterday. I painted the house and ruminated about this all day. My mother went to the grocery store and paid a bill for me. My husband ran another errand on the way home on the way home from work.

The difficult part is not knowing what would have happened and avoiding it, but the time afterwards when you begin to think about the choice you made.

You second guess what you know to be true.
You wonder if you are being egotistical and selfish for not embracing that destiny path.
You wonder if there will be and, if so, what will the ramifications for making that decision.
You ask yourself ask myself what the point is of having visions, being a seer, and knowing things if you are not supposed to be proactive about it.
You wonder if you are changing the course of nature and how it will affect others.
You search yourself to see if maybe you might have manifested this vision for some hidden subconscious reason even though you know that it was not self-manifesting.
You doubt yourself because although you know that there is no physical proof to validate your vision?

After this, I remember that spending too much time on such things is not healthy and to continue to dwell on such things is what causes Seers the most angst and undermines their abilities.

I surrendered to my faith and thanked the Lord and Lady for their vision and their protection and permitting me the ability to make such decisions. Then I continue to work about my house.

Later that day, I was listening to the radio and heard reports of the truck accident that resulted serious injuries. I look online and read about the injuries and I have to wonder if the injured took my place in the accident or if I would have been just one more person involved. I get no insight when I seek for an answer and decide to believe that I would have been just one more person on the scene.

Sometimes I hear people saying they wished that they had the Sight and visions. I usually respond, “No. You don’t. Really. You don’t.”

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Defining our Service — Pathwork and Specialties in the Craft

Pursuing deeper Craft mysteries is similar in some ways to the educational system in the mundane world. First, we learn the basics and have firm rules and structure to follow. Then later we gain a firm liberal arts education. Then we begin to pursue our Path or Specialty.

Most people in the Craft and deeper levels of paganism who pass from the realms of worship into the realms of service, will feel a calling to one or more paths and will specialize in at least one while having a secondary path to cover “vacancies” in time of need or to be able to teach in-depth to students until they can assume the vacant position in our groups and communities. As time passes, some practitioners will possess adept knowledge in multiple areas.

These Paths intermingle and comingle within individuals and within the communities. Just a few of the paths in our covens/groups/communities are listed below. If you are in or are entering the realm of service, take a moment and see if you can feel which path or paths are calling you.

** Pages (training, maintenance)
** Knights (Guardians)
** Kings (Leader)
** Elder Knights (Warrior/Guardian Guide and Master)

** Empaths (Receivers)
** Diviners (Interpreters of omens and divination tools)
** Seers (Direct spiritual contact)
** Dream Workers (Dreams)

** Physical Healer
** Sexual Healer
** Spiritual Healer
** Emotional Healer

** Smiths (toolmaker, gold smith, iron smith, silver smith, etc.)
** Artists (Painter, leatherworker, seamstress, etc.)
** Scribes (historians, writers, recorders, librarians, etc.)
** Bards (musicians, storytellers, messengers, etc.)

** Hunters / Trackers
** Gardeners / Farmers
** Husbandry (raises and tends animals, herders)
** Architect (designer, builder, construction)

Ghosts a/k/a Lost Souls a/k/a Dead Dudes and the Advice They Give

I was looking at a communication about a casting call for metaphysical practitioners for a new cable show. Although the communication was not specific on the type of show, it did state that they were looking for practitioners that used their abilities to help others.

As I mused over this, I came to the realization that I would probably never be a good choice for something like that. Giggles. I would most likely be the one to bring a lawn chair and sit outside of a haunted house with my husband and munching on a bowl of popcorn. When asked why I wasn’t inside, I would probably say that the best part of the show would be happening in…5….4….3…2…1….and then people screaming as they ran out of the house. Now that is my sense of humor! Lol.

I often feel empathy with lost souls, ghosts and manifestations. Usually they are either confused or they have been altered from their “natural” states and are then locked between worlds of what they were and how they have been altered into being.

For example, a year or so ago, we were visiting in North Georgia and, sure enough, I brought a spirit home with us. Giving a lost soul attention is like feeding a stray cat. You may think you are doing a momentary nicety, but then realize that you own it. Well, this particular spirit was very, very interesting in a very, very annoying manner.

Well, as you have probably surmised, I am not a Christian although I have respect for them. And this particular soul was….ta dah…Christian. And when I say Christian, I don’t mean your regular every day run of the mill Christian, but a Holy Roller Baptist Christian. And somehow, although she could not explain why she was neither in heaven or hell, constantly sang old Holy Roller songs. Oh, yeah, me!

Tried to drop her off at a local church. Nope. Not having that. They didn’t pay any attention to her. Obviously, the Lord sent me to find her so that she could save my soul. Oh, yeah, me…again!

Then comes the period of time where my other spiritual guides are getting a little restless with her as well. So in order to avoid her, they began to avoid me. Oh, yeah, me…again…more!

It took me about three very, very long months to convince her that she needed to move on and saving my soul was NOT the reason she was stuck here in the first place. Actually, I am not so sure that she was convinced rather than I finally had to PUSH her into the light.

I guess what a lot of people don’t understand about lost souls (a/k/a dead dudes) is that they are not so very different than someone you would meet in the supermarket. Do they have super knowledge? Not so much. And, oh, yes, they can be as annoying as they were in physical form. Some things don’t change so easily. Just trust me on this one.

I live in a predominately orthodox Jewish neighborhood in South Florida. The Dead Dude convention of Rabbbis stop in occasionally. They don’t actually believe that I can see them although they speak to me and I answer them, but they just want to make sure that I behave myself with regard to the orthodox Jewish people in the neighborhood. Lol. I think they are really just looking for someone who can actually hear them. Just gotta love the dead dudes.

And with that said, I would like to give advice to anyone dealing with Dead Dudes. If you are going to believe anything and everything they tell you, then you should just go to the grocery store and stop strangers and ask for their advice and follow EVERYTHING THEY SAY in living your life.